Adapting Your Compound Bow for Bowhunting, Competitions and More

If you love bowhunting, you might also love bowfishing and competitive or recreational target archery. And vice versa. But you won’t know without trying each activity. Don’t worry about not…

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedHow To   February 8, 2022

Scoring a Whitetail’s Rack

Hunters have been keeping records of trophy big-game animals for more than a century. Scoring animals as we know it today became popular after the Boone and Crockett Club created…

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedHow To   December 21, 2021

How To Clean a Wild Turkey in 7 Steps with the Hunting Public

All your practice paid off and you (finally) arrowed a wild turkey! Congratulations! The “fun” now begins. It’s time to butcher your turkey for its 8- to 10-plus pounds of…

  Cassie Gasaway   VideoFeaturedHow To   April 29, 2021

How To Start Bowhunting Turkeys

Turkeys are challenging to hunt. They have excellent hearing, and their vision is incredible. They’re able to see colors well (like your bright arrow fletching) and detect even the slightest…

  Joe Shead   FeaturedHow To   March 9, 2021

How To Repair Arrows

Your arrows went through the gauntlet of bow season, so after being pulled up and lowered from trees, carried through brush and shot through animals, they could use some attention….

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   February 24, 2021

How to Get Your Broadheads Ready to Hunt in 4 Steps

You’ve practiced all summer and found a great hunting spot. But are your broadheads ready to hunt? Before hitting the woods, make sure your broadheads are deadly accurate and razor…

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   September 2, 2020

How to Find Public Land Near You

On social media, it’s easy to find people enjoying public lands – #publicland #keepitpublic and #publiclandowner are just a few of the popular hashtags people use to show their love…

  Jackie Holbrook   FeaturedHow To   August 11, 2020

Butcher Your Deer in 10 Steps

A successful hunt doesn’t end with a killing shot. Once you’ve tagged your deer, it’s time to get your wild game ready for the freezer. Delicious venison starts in the…

  Erik Barber   FeaturedHow To   August 6, 2020

How to Scout Whitetail Deer This Summer

Bowhunting’s biggest challenge is getting whisper-close to animals. To conquer that short-range challenge, bowhunters gather information from the woods and use those insights to compress a large property into a…

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   July 16, 2020

Game Plan for Scouting Whitetail Deer on Public Land

Finding public land, scouting it, and filling your freezer with lean protein is a fun process that’s challenging and rewarding. Whether you’re new to hunting public land or simply want…

  Erik Barber   FeaturedHow To   June 23, 2020