19 Ways to Protect the Future of Hunting in America

Sportsmen and women fund outdoor recreation’s future. Every time you buy a hunting license from state fish-and-wildlife agencies, the money goes to the state agency selling them. Likewise, each time…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   November 29, 2022

Why Harvest Reporting Matters

Wildlife populations weren’t always plentiful and bountiful like they are today. In fact, bison were hunted to near extinction in the late 1800s, and deer and turkey populations also suffered…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   September 6, 2022

Bowhunters to the Rescue – How Bowhunters Control Deer Populations

Managing wildlife populations is a daunting task that requires an arsenal of tools available to wildlife biologists. State agencies employ biologists to balance a healthy dynamic of wildlife with the…

  Erik Barber   ConservationFeatured   June 14, 2022

Go Native: Plants and Trees to Help Wildlife

Many bowhunters plant food plots to bolster deer nutrition, but they may be missing the big picture. Deer consume about 8 pounds of food per 100 pounds of body weight,…

  Joe Shead   ConservationFeatured   April 27, 2022

All About the North American Model of Conservation

Residents of Canada and the United States are fortunate to have abundant wildlife populations to pursue and plenty of public lands to use and explore. That’s in part thanks to…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   March 15, 2022

How Hunters Helped Shape Modern Conservation

Imagine a world without elk, deer, wild turkeys and other game animals. What would you do on the weekends? How sad would it be to drive around without seeing wild…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   April 22, 2021

Forest Succession: The Key to Finding Deer

People use different parts of their home the way deer use different parts of the forest. We cook in the kitchen, eat in the dining room, hang out in the…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   February 18, 2021

The Pittman-Robertson Modernization Act Celebrates One Year as Law

The “Modernizing the Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act” recently celebrated its first anniversary. This historic piece of legislation was signed into law by President Trump on December 20, 2019….

  Scott Einsmann   ConservationFeatured   December 22, 2020

Bowhunters: Know Your Duties and Role in Conservation

Bowhunters like you help conserve wildlife and wild places every time they buy a hunting license, or a bow, arrows and broadheads. You’re one big reason North America has beautiful…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   October 7, 2020

Join Bowhunters United to Help Bowhunting’s Future

Bowhunters are unique individuals who are hardy, hearty and full of vigor. They scout hard and practice often to ensure they harvest their quarry ethically and respectfully. They’re also proud…

  Cassie Gasaway   ConservationFeatured   October 6, 2020