These thoughtful ideas are sure to brighten any archer’s holiday season. Photo Credit: Bowhunters United

The Bowhunter’s Gift Guide

  Erik Barber   FeaturedGear   December 1, 2022

If you’re searching for a meaningful gift to give (or gift yourself), you came to the right place. The following gift ideas are great for any bowhunter on your shopping list, and you won’t spend a fortune.


Bowhunters United Membership

Bowhunters United advocates on behalf of bowhunters to ensure a bright future for the hunting community. They do this by keeping BU members informed on key issues that impact the sport. Gift the bowhunter in your life a free BU membership so they receive alerts about threats and legislative issues that impact bowhunters.


Winter Archery League Membership

A winter archery league is a great way to keep your skills sharp during the offseason. Most leagues meet weekly, which makes for a great excuse to hang out at your favorite pro shop with your buddies, and even try some new gear. Winter leagues are fun social events but also a great way to promote good habits and muscle memory that’ll keep you hunt ready year-round.



Broadheads are a great go-to gift for bowhunters. Photo Credit: Bowhunters United


If there’s one thing a bowhunter can’t have too much of, it’s broadheads. Whether the bowhunter on your shopping list likes to tinker with the newest broadheads on the market or sticks with their favorite ol’ reliable, extra broadheads are always a welcome addition to any quiver.


Lighted Nocks

Similar to broadheads, bowhunters can’t have too many lighted nocks. They’re fun to shoot (especially at long distances in low light), they help illustrate potential flaws in arrow flight, and they are an effective tool for understanding shot placement on game regardless of lighting condition. Lighted nocks are typically built for specific arrow diameters. If you’re not sure what arrow the bowhunter on your shopping list shoots, consider a universal fit nock. These versatile solutions are a safe bet no matter what arrow is in their quiver.


Archery Shop Gift Card

Any bowhunter is sure to love a gift card to their favorite archery shop. Gift cards let that special somebody decide for themselves what to add to their bowhunting arsenal. Simply identify a nearby archery shop, buy a card, and hit that gift-giving home run.


Portable Charger

A portable charging device is one of the most overlooked items in any bowhunter’s kit. Whether they’re hunting all-day sits during the rut or simply trying to prevent their phone from dying on a frigid late-season hunt, a portable charger is a practical gift any bowhunter will appreciate.


Tree Saw

Did the bowhunter on your shopping list deflect an arrow off an unseen limb while shooting at the buck of a lifetime this season? If so, a tree saw is exactly what they need to make sure it never happens again. A quality tree saw should fold into itself like a folding knife, stow away in a backpack and be sharp enough to make quick work of pesky limbs that obstruct shooting lanes. It’s a tool that every bowhunter needs to have.


Fletching Jig

Giving them their own fletching jig will allow them to repair their own arrow fletchings. Photo credit: ATA


The dead of winter is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, especially one best enjoyed from the comfort of your workbench or kitchen table. A fletching jig allows the bowhunter on your shopping list to experiment with different types of vanes and configurations. Once they’re comfortable fletching their own arrows, a fletching jig also eliminates the hassle of traveling to a pro shop every time they cut a vane during a practice session. Plus, different fletching configurations can impact arrow flight and accuracy, so this tool helps bowhunters experiment with the many offerings available on the market.


Hunting Journal

A hunting journal helps its owner record their favorite hunting memories in a time capsule of their own thoughts and words. Jotting things down like where they were, who joined, and what happened helps capture memories that last a lifetime. Plus, it’s fun to pull it out on a rainy day and relive the outcomes from the hunts of yesteryear. A hunting journal is a very affordable gift idea, but the memories contained within its pages will be priceless.


Picture Book

Did you join the bowhunter you’re shopping for on a hunt this season? Do you have access to their favorite photos that you find them looking at over and over? If so, a photo book is a great way to capture memories. Nowadays, so many of our photos are held hostage in our phone’s camera roll, but there’s something to be said about printing them out and flipping through a book of your favorite memories.



Whether you’re shopping for someone or need some inspiration for your own wish list, the above items are a great resource to get started. Affordable and practical, these gifts are sure to please the bowhunter in your life.




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