Ten gift ideas any bowhunter would love! Photo Credit: ATA

Bowhunting Gift Guide

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedBowhuntingVideo   December 11, 2019

While the bowhunters in your life are working hard to fill their tags, you’re probably working hard to check off your shopping list.

Shopping for hunters can be difficult, so we’ve simplified the task by compiling a list of items that will make any hunter happy. Even better, all these items are readily available at any archery store.

Fletching Jig

Let your bowhunter build their own arrows with a fletching jig. Photo Credit: ATA

Making arrows is a fun winter activity that further engages a bowhunter’s fascination with archery. Not to mention, it’s a productive way to spend an evening while watching hunting films. Your bowhunters’ arrow-making efforts will be rewarded when they nail bull’s-eyes and harvest animals with self-built arrows. A key piece of arrow building gear is a fletching jig, which aligns the fletching on the shaft and makes a great gift.

Trail Camera

Bowhunters can never have too many trail cameras. These highly practical tools monitor herd health, catalog bucks, and help pattern deer. While trail cameras are very practical, they’re mostly just fun to use. Every time a bowhunter checks a trail camera, it’s like opening a Christmas present. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Custom Bow Strings

Give their bow a new pop of color with new bow strings. Photo Credit: ATA

A worn out bowstring not only looks rough, it can affect accuracy. A fresh set of custom strings in a bowhunter’s favorite color scheme will make his or her bow shoot and look awesome. To buy a custom set of strings, you’ll need to know the bow manufacturer and model. With that information, the staff at an archery shop can help you order a set of cool new strings.

3D Target

Realistic practice is the best way to get ready for hunting season. That’s why 3D targets, which are lifesize animal targets, are perfect for practicing shot placement. They come in a variety of types and prices to match any bowhunter’s needs and your budget.

Archery Lessons

Accuracy is important in bowhunting, and coaching is an excellent way to improve during the offseason. Just a few archery lessons can turn a bowhunter’s shooting around and help him or her fill more tags next year. A single lesson or a lesson package makes an excellent gift.


A good knife can be used to cut the venison after the harvest. Photo Credit: ATA

A knife can be sentimental or utilitarian. You can buy a beautiful heirloom-quality knife that will last many generations, or you can go for a knife that will take on tasks like field dressing and processing meat. Can’t decide? You can always give one of each!

Range Finder

Knowing the exact distance to the target is important in archery and bowhunting, which makes a rangefinder a valuable tool. Reaching into a stocking and pulling out a rangefinder would be an incredible surprise for any bowhunter.

Turkey Calls

Give them something to look forward to using during turkey season. Photo Credit: John Hafner

After Christmas, many bowhunters shift their focus from deer hunting to spring turkey season. Get them a few turkey calls to practice while they wait for spring.

Action Camera

An action camera lets bowhunters relive their hunts and share memories. Archery shops carry cameras that mount directly to bows for hands-free filming.

Gift Card

Still can’t decide what to get? A gift card lets your bowhunters buy exactly what they want. The only thing better would be a giant buck under the Christmas tree.

You can knock out your Christmas list with one-stop shopping at our local archery store. The staff will guide you through your purchases and make sure you get everything you need. To find an archery shop near you, click here.

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