We've gathered some great gift ideas for bowhunters. Photo Credit: ATA

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bowhunters

  Erik Barber   FeaturedLifestyle   December 17, 2020

Finding the perfect gift for any bowhunter on your list is never easy, but you came to the right place for suggestions. Even better, you won’t spend a fortune for these gifts, which every bowhunter can use.

Bowhunters United Gift Box

Bowhunters United Gift Boxes include a membership. Photo Credit: ATA

The Bowhunters United Gift Box provides recipients a membership to Bowhunters United, an organization that supports public-land conservation and bowhunting advocacy to ensure future generations enjoy it, too. Depending on the package, BU gift boxes cost $25, $35 or $50. Besides a BU membership, the gift boxes also include a hat, tumbler or sticker. You can send your gift box to the recipient with a message, or ship it to yourself for a face-to-face delivery.

Lifetime Hunting License

Give the gift of lifetime hunting if your state offers that license. As the word implies, a lifetime hunting license covers the recipient’s entire life in that state. Your gift will likely provide you with a longtime hunting partner, and help you instill an appreciation for bowhunting and the outdoor lifestyle in someone special. To learn about your state’s lifetime hunting licenses, contact its fish and wildlife agency.

New Bowhunter Bow Package

Buy an adjustable bow if you don’t know the bowhunter’s draw length and draw weight. Photo Credit: ATA

A bow package with everything needed to hit the woods is the ultimate gateway to bowhunting. Many manufacturers offer capable, affordable bow packages that include a sight, bow quiver and arrow rest. These bows typically cover a wide range of draw lengths and weights, making it easier to buy for someone if you don’t know their specifications. Once the wrapping paper settles, schedule a fitting at your local archery shop.

Archery Lesson

Lessons are a great way to bond with someone special on your gift list while improving your own archery skills. Many pro shops offer this service, so consider making a date with your significant other. Archery lessons are a great way to increase your accuracy while learning how you can improve. Start now so you’re ready to fill your freezer with venison by opening day next fall.

Archery Shop Gift Card

Gift cards let the bowhunter choose their own gear. Photo Credit: ATA

A gift card to a bowhunter’s favorite archery shop is a solid method for gift-giving satisfaction. Gift cards let that special somebody decide for themselves what to add to their bowhunting arsenal. Simply identify a nearby archery shop, buy a card, and hit that gift-giving home run.

Hand Muff

Late-season bowhunting is in full swing when Christmas rolls around. If the bowhunter on your gift list is still trying to fill a tag, give them a hand muff so they can stay outside longer and more comfortably. If you feel extra generous, throw in a thermos and handwarmers to keep them toasty in the coldest weather.

Bow Hanger

Bow hangers are helpful in a treestand. Photo Credit: ATA

Bowhunters can’t have too many bow hangers. We can always find a tree for stashing another one. If your favorite bowhunter often adds treestands to their hunting property, they’ll appreciate this gift. These handy hangers provide great organization at a modest price.


The end of bow season gets closer each day, but don’t despair. A good book will help your bowhunter speed through the offseason while dreaming of opening day next year. Book options are endless, whether they’re filled with tips and tactics or well-told vivid stories. When giving a book, personalize its inside cover with a dated note. It’s always fun to reread books, and a personal note up front makes the gift more special.

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