Consider putting one of these bowhunting goodies under the tree this year. Photo Credit: Athletic Homestyles

Santa-Approved Bowhunting Gifts

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedGear   December 2, 2021

For most people, Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but many bowhunters see it as the start of the end of hunting season. In that sense, Christmas can be a sad day, but it doesn’t have to be! Gift the bowhunter in your life one of these Santa-approved items, and you’ll help them feel the magic of Christmas once again. Heck, you might even inspire them to squeeze in a few more hunts with their new toy(s) before the bowhunting season ends. It’s time to start shopping!


A New Bow


It’s the gift of all Christmas gifts. The angels will sing, and your special someone will jump for joy if they unwrap a new bow on Dec. 25. Bows are like shoes; they must fit perfectly to be used comfortably. Unfortunately, children outgrow bows just as quickly as they outgrow shoes. To help them perform better, opt for a bow with the correct draw length and draw weight. Although an adult might not physically outgrow their bow, they might outgrow it mentally or want something with better technology. You can deliver both by buying a flagship bow that aligns with their skills or interests. These Bowhunters United articles might help you pick something fitting:

If a bow isn’t in your budget, that’s OK. There are still plenty of gifts to choose from. Check out these other items.


Hunting Electronics

Go with a gadget if you want to gift something with a wow factor. These items tend to be on the pricey side, but they’re more affordable than a new bow. Think game cameras, action cameras like a GoPro or Tactacam, an electronic scent-elimination device or a subscription to a hunting and mapping software app. These items will excite the recipient just as much as the remote-controlled car they likely received when they were 5.


Scent-Free Body Care Box or Basket

Put together a basket of scent deterring products. Photo Credit: ATA


Are you looking for something bowhunters use regularly? Then, load up on scent-free laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, field spray and portable wipes. Many manufacturers make prepackaged scent elimination product kits for about $30. Those kits can make shopping a breeze, but you can also pick custom items and arrange them in a box or basket if you’re going for a more personalized touch. Bowhunters understand how important it is to enter a whitetail’s core area free of odor, so they’ll thank you for these practical must-haves.

Camouflage Rain Gear

Most bowhunters have camouflage clothes seeping from their closets. They probably don’t need hats, shirts, pants or heavy layers for cold weather, but they might need something waterproof. Rainy days afield are inevitable, and even if the hunter in your life skips an outing when the sky is falling, they might get soaked the following day when the skies are clear but everything in the woods is wet. Hunters can also get wet when they walk to their stand on dewy mornings. Camouflage rain gear can solve all those problems. Find something lightweight and waterproof. Water-resistant clothes can only resist water penetration for a certain length of time. In other words, water will pass through the water-resistant fabric at some point. That’s not ideal in hunting situations, but waterproof clothing is.


Game Meat Processing Goodies

New knives, a grinder, and other processing items are a great choice for bowhunters that field dress their own deer. Photo Credit: ATA


Skinning, quartering and processing a wild animal is difficult without the right tools, which is why some hunters take their animals to a professional. You can solve the problem and cut out the middleman by gifting the proper supplies. A good, sharp knife is crucial for field care and deboning. Having a backup knife isn’t a bad idea either. A knife sharpener or a set of sharpening stones make great complementary gifts, too. If you opt for something on the processing side, you might buy a meat grinder, dehydrator, kitchen scale, vacuum sealer or sausage press. There’s a learning curve to curing and making specialty meats, so an informational guide or book could be a handy gift. You can also gift seasoning spices for homemade jerky or sausage.

A Bowhunters United Membership

If the bowhunter in your life wants to see the tradition carry on for generations, they’ll appreciate a Bowhunters United Membership and all it stands for. BU offers three membership tiers, including the basic ($30), standard ($60) and premium ($100). Membership proceeds help strengthen the bowhunting community by recruiting new bowhunters, donating archery equipment to shooting programs, addressing hot-topic legislative issues that affect bowhunting, and providing funds and grants to help individuals, businesses and outdoor groups build archery ranges and programs that attract bowhunters.

If you sign someone up to be a BU member, you’ll still be able to gift them tangible items. The premium membership comes with a hat, T-shirt and tumbler. In addition, all members receive an official membership card, window decal, vinyl sticker, BU swag item, discounts on hunting products and an entry into the Bowhunters United Membership Sweepstakes. View BU’s membership page to compare the benefits of each membership.


Cool Bowhunting T-shirts

Check out the Bowhunters United Store for bowhunting-themed products. Photo Credit: Bowhunters United


Spice up your recipient’s wardrobe with a T-shirt featuring a fun hunting-themed graphic or saying. Bowhunters United has several options, including these:

  • That’s What He Shed
  • Only You Can Prevent Dry Fires
  • Preserve Our Lands, Raise Hunters

Visit the “Shop B.U. Gear” webpage to see all your options, including youth shirts, hats and a tumbler. 

Santa doesn’t make gifting mistakes, and you won’t either if you opt for something on this list. But if the Santa-approved label doesn’t mean much to you, one of these articles might have something that better suits your needs.

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