Give hunters something they’ll use every time they hit the woods. Photo Credit: ATA

Practical Gifts for the Bowhunter in Your Life

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedLifestyle   December 10, 2019

Americans open millions of gifts on Christmas morning. Some recipients love their presents. Others hate them.

To ensure every bowhunter in your life leaves the Christmas tree smiling, get them something practical. Plus, they’ll think about you every time they use the gift, which is a sweet bonus.

What’s a practical gift? Don’t worry. These tips and ideas will help you gift-wrap something great.


Pay attention to what your bowhunter might need. Photo Credit: ATA

– Listen and watch for clues: Most bowhunters talk about their wants and needs. Whether you hunt with them or wait for them to return home after each adventure, listen and watch for clues. Is their knife dull? Is their flashlight unreliable? Do they get cold quickly? Do their boots leak? If you still struggle to identify items, consider the fail-safe gifts below.

– Do your research: Do some reconnaissance to pinpoint what your bowhunters need. Avoid making them return items. If they need arrows, you must get the correct arrow for their setup. You must know the arrow’s spine, length and material before buying. The same goes for boots or clothes. Check their size and choose a matching camouflage pattern. If your subtle investigations don’t pan out, sneak an old item to the pro shop to ensure you buy the right replacement.

Visit your local shop for your gifts to support your local businesses and get expert advice. Photo credit: ATA

– Shop locally: Shopping online might seem easy and convenient, but archery professionals can save you time and frustration with expert service and hands-on help. In return, you’ll boost your local economy while meeting friendly, knowledgeable store staff and fellow bowhunters. Click here to find a nearby archery retailer.

Practical Gifts for Any Budget

Hunters constantly use the items below, either till the item wears out or the supply runs dry. Either way, these gifts will prove useful, and cost little:




$$$$ Swoon-worthy gifts include meat grinders, climbing treestands, and action cameras like a GoPro or Tactacam. Their prices vary, depending on brand and quality.

$$$$$ If you want to splurge on your bowhunters, consider gifts that might unhinge their jaw. Can you buy them a new bow or lifetime hunting license? Or how about an ATV, tractor, chain-saw or brush-cutter? Someone who owns property, manages woodlots, or loves tending food plots never has enough power tools.

Christmas-shopping for bowhunters is usually easy because they often wear out equipment and hardware. They appreciate practical gifts. Heck, your gift might even help them succeed by fine-tuning their strategies or improving their setups.

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