Christmas shopping just got easier. Check out these awesome gifts for the hunters in your life. Photo Credit: Sacha Devoretz

Rock Christmas with Hunting Gifts for Under $50!

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedRetail   November 27, 2018

Are you searching for the perfect Christmas gift for friends, family members or a significant other? Stop racking your brain. If they hunt, they’re almost too easy to shop for. We’ve compiled a list of great gear and essentials they’ll want for future hunts.

Skim our list, make your list and shop at your local archery pro shop.

Hunting Calls (grunt tubes, rattle bags, mouth calls, etc.)

Give your bowhunter calls so they can attract the game they’re looking for. Photo Credit: ATA

Specialized game calls help your buddies improve their hunting strategies. Elk, deer, turkeys and other game make various noises to communicate. Hunters can mimic those sounds to call them into range. Game calls are small enough to fit into pockets or a backpack, and they fit into most holiday budgets. Deer hunters love grunt tubes, rattle bags and doe bleat calls. Meanwhile, elk and turkey hunters often use diaphragm calls, aka mouth calls.

Necessary Goodies (broadheads, bug protection and scent-free products)

Most bowhunters burn through these items, so why not replace them? Do a little sleuthing to learn which broadhead, bug protection or scent-free items your bowhunter prefers. Ask them questions or sneak a peek into their cabinet, bow case or hunting closet. If you decide to give them scent-killing products, you have many choices. Consider shampoo, deodorant, body wash, field spray, scent wafers or laundry detergent. Bowhunters know beating a whitetail’s nose is at least half the battle. Boosting their scent-management strategies can increase their success rate. Can you say two Christmas gifts for the price of one?!

Sweet Gear (knives, flashlights, headlamps and water bottles)

Is your archer in need of some next-level gear? Wrap up any of these and spread some bowhunting joy. Photo Credit: ATA

All bowhunters need these items, which means they likely own them already. But do they have backups? Knives get dull, flashlights die, and water bottles get misplaced between the house, vehicle, woods and back again. That means they’re great Christmas gifts!

Before buying a hunting knife, read Bowhunting 360’s article, “7 Considerations When Buying a Hunting Knife.” If you buy a backup light source, you’ll pick between flashlights and headlamps. The article “How to Walk to Your Stand in the Dark” weighs the pros and cons of each. Water bottles or hydration bags also make great gifts. Insulated bottles keep water cold on hot days.

Safety Items (maps, compass, whistle, orange vest, first-aid kit, etc.)

Bowhunters use sharp objects like knives and broadheads. They also navigate unfamiliar areas and rough terrain, which increases the chance of getting lost or injured. Therefore, prepare for the unexpected. Safety gear makes great gifts, and shows the hunters in your life that you care about their safety and well-being. Although most bowhunters have apps with maps and compasses on their smartphones, those navigational tools are useless if your phone battery dies. Give them a paper map or hand compass. Whistles, blaze-orange clothes and first-aid kits are other great options. 

Camouflage Clothes (hats, socks, gloves, facemask and base layers)

Camo is a staple of any bowhunter’s closet. Photo Credit: ATA

Almost everyone likes new camouflage clothes and accessories. Bigger items like pants and jackets will exceed a $50 budget, but things like hats, gloves, facemasks, wool socks and some base layers will likely be within range. These items can be extremely beneficial for cold-weather hunts. Remind them that dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm.

The Ultimate Gift

Hunting-themed gift baskets make the ultimate gift for experienced and beginning bowhunters. Buy a cheap basket at Walmart or Goodwill, and stuff it with items from each category in this review. If you hunt for sales and shop strategically, you can create awesome gift baskets for around $50. If you have extra money or a bigger budget, you can add as many items as you’d like. No matter what’s inside, this gift is sure to please.

Gag Gifts

White Elephant parties are even more fun when they’re bowhunting themed. Photo Credit: TipsyElves

What if you’re part of a hunting club’s white-elephant gift exchange? Have no fear! Toilet paper makes an awesome gag gift. You can get a 36-pack to make a statement and double the laughs. This present will come in handy, however, when the urge strikes while they’re afield.

Final Thoughts and a Last-Minute Idea

Still unsure what to get your hunting buddies? Consider gift cards! They aren’t as personal as hand-picked items, but they’re failproof because your bowhunters can buy what they want. Stop by your archery retailer for more gift suggestions and help selecting the right product.


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