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Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Bowhunter

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedLifestyle   December 1, 2020

If the bowhunter in your life didn’t give you a Christmas wish list this year, don’t worry. We can help you find the perfect gift. All you have to do is determine what type of bowhunter they are. For example, are they new to hunting? Do they love adventures? Do they take pride in cooking their harvest? Or are they just your typical arrow-slinging, outdoor-loving bowhunter?

Once you identify what type of bowhunter you’re shopping for, choose a gift or two from the category that best fits their bowhunting personality. If you’re not sure, see our “For Any Bowhunter” section at the end.

For the New Bowhunter

A new bowhunter’s equipment repertoire will grow with time. Determining how “new” the bowhunter is will dictate what you should get them. Most beginners have the bare minimum gear they need, which often includes a bow, arrows, quiver, release aid, bow case, broadheads, target, scent-free laundry detergent, and some clothing. If you want to help them expand their gear and equipment arsenal, they’ll likely appreciate:

  • A range finder
  • Bug or tick repellant
  • A knife or butchering set
  • Insulated, waterproof boots
  • A camouflage rain jacket and pants

For the Veteran Bowhunter

If you know someone who has been bowhunting for a long time, they probably have everything they need. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be excited to get something related to the sport they love. Give them an upgrade or something that will help them show off their love of bowhunting. These items will be useful and enjoyable for long-time bowhunters:

For the Adventurous Bowhunter

Bowhunters who travel out of state or apply for quota or lottery hunts often love the adventure bowhunting offers. They need the right equipment for hunting different terrains. Consider the following gifts for your free-spirited hunter:

For the Food-Motivated Bowhunter

Maybe the hunter in your life loves to source and prepare lean, wild game meat. These items will complement his or her harvest:

  • Wild game cookbook
  • Game bags to preserve and carry out meat
  • Herbs, seasonings, or a sausage-making kit
  • Appliances (meat grinder, dehydrator or vacuum sealer)
  • Grill or Dutch oven

For the Cold-Natured Bowhunter

Everyone knows someone who is always cold. If that someone is a bowhunter, give them goodies to make their cold-weather hunts more enjoyable. These items will help them warm up when afield:

  • Base layer thermals
  • A beanie, gloves or insulated jacket
  • Wool socks or insulated boots
  • A thermos for coffee/hot chocolate
  • Hand, feet and body warmers

For the Tech-Loving Bowhunter

Some people avoid technology, while a select few welcome it with open arms and a beaming smile. If you know a bowhunter who loves gadgets and electronics, they’ll like one of these gifts:

  • Bow-mounted camera
  • An external charger for their phone
  • Phone-mounted telescope
  • Scent-eliminating electronic device
  • A subscription to a popular hunting and mapping software app

For Any Typical Bowhunter

Can’t quite put your finger on the type of bowhunter for whom you’re shopping? That’s OK. These gifts will likely please anyone who enjoys bowhunting.

  • Bowhunters United membership (basic, silver or gold gift boxes available)
  • Practical items (broadheads, scent-free soaps, etc.)
  • A game camera, battery and SD cards
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Bowfishing kit
  • Bow repair kit
  • Gambrel and pulley
  • Safety harness
  • Cooler
  • Binoculars
  • Grunt call and rattling antlers
  • A gift card to a local archery shop

We’re sure this list will help you shop, but if you want to sift through more gift ideas, check out these articles:

Use these Free Bowhunting-Themed Gift Tags

After you wrap your presents, use these neat bowhunting-themed gift tags to ensure the right person gets their gift – and they know who it’s from. Click here to download the free bowhunting-themed gift tags! Click here to download free Bowhunters United gift tags!

One more thing: If you know someone who might like bowhunting but isn’t a bowhunter, give them the gift of wild game meat. Many of the gift tags were created to encourage bowhunters to share their processed meat. Venison is a great way to spark a conversation about bowhunting. Buy a basket and add a pack or two of ground venison along with recipes to your favorite venison meals. You can also add a stick of venison summer sausage or whatever you have on hand. Add a bow and one of the bowhunting-themed gift tags, and gift away!

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