Up Your Whitetail Hunting Game with This New Popular App Tier

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedBowhuntingLifestyle   October 25, 2022

Bowhunters United is a unifying organization. In addition to representing and supporting bowhunters regardless of why, how, when or where they participate, the organization works to unite bowhunters and other bowhunting organizations to compile the most trusted resources for bowhunters. As such, BU members gain access to premier bowhunting education and information.


BU members receive a discount on HunstStand app subscriptions. Photo Credit: HuntStand


One of BU’s partners and supporters is HuntStand, which was created in 2012 and launched its first app in 2013. HuntStand offers hunters digital tools and mapping features so they can better manage habitat and execute hunts. It has become a trusted resource for mapping, satellite imagery, property boundaries, public-land access, wind and weather information, useful tools, and many other great features.

All BU members get a free one-year HuntStand Pro subscription (worth $29.99), which gives users access to property boundaries, property ownership data, detailed hunting and public-land maps, the 3D mapping tool, stand reservations and unlimited offline maps with zero ads. BU members also get 20% off all map purchases through HuntStand.

Dedicated deer hunters will benefit from the new HuntStand App tier focused on white-tailed deer, called HuntStand Pro Whitetail. It launched in early October and compiles a wide range of data specific to whitetails, including a Whitetail Activity Forecast that helps hunters predict when deer will be on the move in a specific area, as well as new map layers that provide a detailed view of critical rut information, whitetail habitat suitability, crop history, monthly satellite imagery, aerial photography and more. According to HuntStand, this is the first time anything like this has been available to hunters — and it’s exclusive to HuntStand Pro Whitetail.


HuntStand has released a new subscription option with upgraded features. Photo Credit: HuntStand


In the HuntStand press release about the tier, HuntStand CEO Landford Holloway said, “Pro Whitetail helps hunters understand where and when to spend their time in the field. We firmly believe the new set of features truly sets our app apart from the competition and will help millions of hunters have a productive, safe, and successful deer season.”

Brian Murphy, HuntStand’s wildlife biologist and vice president of corporate relations, said the Whitetail Rut Map and Whitetail Activity Forecast tools are unprecedented.

“Without question, Pro Whitetail is the most advanced set of tools available to whitetail hunters today,” Murphy said. “The depth of research behind these tools is unparalleled, making them truly unique and useful to deer hunters of all skill levels.”

If you’re not a BU member already, now’s the time to join. Take advantage of BU’s special membership offer to get $5 off the original $30 membership price. You’ll receive an exclusive Bowhunters United cap as an added bonus. Plus, you’ll receive all other BU-member benefits, including the free, one-year subscription to HuntStand Pro. The Pro Whitetail tier is available at HuntStand.com and in the Apple and Google app stores for $69.99.




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