Build the ultimate bow for bowhunts and competitions. Photo Credit: ATA

One Bow for Competing and Bowhunting

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   June 12, 2019

Only one arrow stands between you and your goal. You let out a deep breath as the bowstring holds tight to your anchor. Your legs feel weak and your heart feels like it’s exploding from your chest. Your focus narrows on your aiming point as you begin the process you’ve practiced hundreds of times.

That adrenaline-charged scenario happens in competition and when bowhunting. That’s why competition is an excellent way to test your shooting skills before hunting season.

Some competitions restrict accessories. Check the rules before the competition. Photo Credit: ATA

Many archery organizations have a bowhunter division with an equipment rule that restricts competitors to short stabilizers, usually less than 12 inches. Rules also forbid competitors from adjusting their sights during an event. You can use your hunting bow with no modifications to have a blast competing in this division. To achieve a competitive edge, you can modify your hunting bow with accuracy-enhancing accessories.

In the above video, we go in-depth on how to choose one bow and accessorize it to bowhunt and compete. These accessories include stabilizers, quality arrows and micro-adjustable sights. A micro-adjustable sight lets archers precisely dial in their bows. Stabilizers absorb vibration and help you aim more steadily. Quality arrows are matched and tuned to your bow to eliminate equipment-related inconsistencies. By combining these accessories’ benefits, you create a deadly bowhunting setup that’s also capable of podium finishes.

The rest is up to you. After all, the best bow setup is no better than a crude bow in the wrong hands. If you’re new to archery, sign up for lessons. They’re a small investment. For the cost of a dozen arrows, you can receive priceless instruction that boosts your accuracy in the woods and in competition. Contact a nearby archery shop to schedule a lesson. Find a shop here.

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