We teamed up with The Hunting Public to bring you this informative video. Photo Credit: The Hunting Public

How to Find Hunting Spots on Public Land

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   November 28, 2018

Public land has too much hunter pressure.

There’s no deer on public land – it’s not worth it.

Deer are nocturnal on public land.

These common disparaging comments might have turned you off to hunting public land. However, while pressure and deer habitat can vary by location, these statements are often far from the truth.

The Hunting Public channel debunks these public land myths with informative and entertaining videos. The team proves you can have tremendous success on public land throughout the US by working hard and thinking outside the box.

For example, building a strategy around public property access can pay off.

Enter a hunting area through the less obvious path. Photo Credit: The Hunting Public

To find an area with little or no hunters, you’ll have to get creative with property access. If the property borders water, use a boat or kayak to access a part of the property few hunters will ever visit. Or if there’s steep country that most people won’t hike into, you can be the one person that’s literally willing to go the extra mile. Of course, not all hot spots have to be deep into a property. Overlooked spots on small pieces of public land or areas near a parking lot can be hidden gems.

Hunt the freshest sign you can. Photo Credit: The Hunting Public

Another key to The Hunting Public’s strategy is to hunt the freshest sign they can find near bedding areas. The idea is that deer, especially bucks, won’t venture far from the safety of their bedding area during daylight. By positioning about 100 yards away from a bedding area, hunters have a good chance of seeing deer during legal shooting hours. It’s an aggressive tactic, but it has consistently paid off for the video team.

Don’t let the public land naysayers keep you from enjoying the outdoors. After all, our public lands are one the special things about our country, and are vital for wildlife conservation. To find a piece of public land near you, visit your state wildlife agency website. You can find a full list of state agencies here.

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