Making Sense of Blood Trails: A Guide for Whitetail Recovery

The plan worked perfectly. After hours of studying maps and applying trail camera intel to devise a strategy for your target buck, the hunt finally culminated with him broadside at…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   December 12, 2023

Mark Kenyon’s Strategies for December Bowhunting

It’s true that December bowhunting can be tough, particularly compared with the warm evenings of the early season and the frenzy of the November rut. But you shouldn’t write off…

  Cassie Gasaway   BowhuntingFeatured   December 7, 2023

Stay Tough During the Rut

The rut is finally here. You’ve waited all year and counted down the days to your weeklong vacation that begins in early November, just as the rut is getting into…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   November 28, 2023

Canning Venison: Tips and Best Practices

The saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” transfers to the hunting world as “Don’t put all your venison in one freezer.” It’s a good rule to live…

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedWild Meat   November 21, 2023

Donate Venison to Give Back, Help Feed Those in Need

Hunters do so much good. They help control population levels, contribute to nationwide conservation efforts through equipment and license purchases, and donate harvested deer to programs that help feed hungry…

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedWild Meat   November 16, 2023

How to Age a Buck in Real Time

A lot of bowhunters set a goal of harvesting a mature buck. But what exactly does that mean? Biologists divide bucks into three age categories including young, middle-aged and mature….

  Jackie Holbrook   ConservationFeaturedWild Meat   November 7, 2023

Fred Eichler’s Tips for Mastering November Bowhunting

Some say December is the most wonderful time of the year, but most bowhunters would argue in favor of November. You can’t go wrong with phenomenal cold fronts and an…

  Cassie Gasaway   BowhuntingFeatured   November 3, 2023

The Aggressive Rut Hunter’s Toolkit

Sitting quietly in a tree over a well-used deer trail is an incredibly effective bowhunting technique. Diligent bowhunters who put in their time to learn where bucks are moving often…

  Joe Shead   BowhuntingFeatured   October 31, 2023

You Got Skunked — Now What?

It’s the peak of the rut, and weather conditions are ideal to hunt your favorite and most productive treestand location. You reach the base of the tree an hour before…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   October 24, 2023