What’s a Cull Buck?

If you’ve ever watched a hunting show on TV, you’ve probably heard the term “cull buck” or “management buck.” By definition, a cull buck is a buck whose antlers are…

  Joe Shead   BowhuntingFeatured   September 20, 2022

Should I Bowhunt in the Rain?

Outdoor enthusiasts often encourage people to “forget the forecast.” It’s a clever way of saying to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. With so many variables at play, waiting…

  Jackie Holbrook   BowhuntingFeatured   September 8, 2022

How to Be a Safe Bowhunter

Archery is among the safest sports. Statistically, you’re 12 to 13 times likelier to get hurt while playing basketball or football. In fact, data compiled by the Archery Trade Association…

  Joe Shead   BowhuntingFeatured   September 1, 2022

Tactics to Capitalize on Rutting Elk

The sound of a rutting bull elk’s bugle as it echoes through the mountains is something hunters dream about all year. Anticipation builds until it comes to a head in…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   August 30, 2022

What to Know About Hunting CWD Zones

Chronic wasting disease is a neurological disease that kills deer, elk and other cervids, and many biologists believe it is the No. 1 threat to the future of deer populations….

  Cassie Gasaway   BowhuntingFeatured   August 25, 2022

10 Bowhunting Adventures to Consider

The best part about bowhunting might be all the unique species you can pursue, the wild places where they live, and the tactics used to hunt them. Adventure awaits for…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   August 23, 2022

6 Early-Season Bowhunting Tips

Opening day of bowhunting season is almost here in most of the country. That means you can finally take to the woods with your bows, arrows and ambitions to chase…

  Cassie Gasaway   BowhuntingFeatured   August 16, 2022

What Is Shooting Light and Why Does It Matter?

Mature bucks don’t get old by being stupid. Usually they remain bedded until the security of darkness to feed. In fact, as crepuscular creatures (most active at dawn and dusk),…

  Joe Shead   BowhuntingFeatured   August 9, 2022

Making Sense of Lifetime Hunting Licenses

Imagine buying one hunting license for the rest of your life. Sound too good be true? Think again. Lifetime hunting licenses aren’t available in every state, but there are many…

  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeatured   July 28, 2022

Accuracy Matters: Shooting Tips for Bowhunters

A three-pronged system is required for shooting a bow accurately. First, you need to match your gear to your personal draw length and weight. Next, you need to master your…

  Joe Shead   BowhuntingFeatured   July 26, 2022