The 2023 product line by XOP Outdoors will exceed your expectations. Photo Credit: XOP

5 XOP Products to Add to Your Hunting Arsenal

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedGear   August 1, 2023

Every year you hunt, you might notice your gear seems heavier and the walk to your stand seems longer. Age has a way of exaggerating things, but modern technology and ingenious hunting manufacturers are creating products to help you tackle your hunting adventures.

Treat yourself to some new hunting gear from the 2023 XOP Outdoors product line. Whether you buy one or all of the products below, you’ll quickly notice they are light, comfortable, well designed and perfect for every property you hunt. Add to or upgrade your setup — your body will thank you.


1. Cold World



This ultralight stand comes in at 7.5 pounds with a plethora of features including integrated stick attachment points, a four-point bracket system that fits a variety of crooked trees, and a large platform that lets you stand and shoot comfortably. Other top features are:

  • a modular design that allows for use as a traditional hang-on or saddle platform,
  • a seat that can be used as a platform when hauling heavy loads,
  • and a durable, abrasion-resistant anodized and powder-coat finish.

A satisfied customer named Steve commented on the product website, “Another great stand by XOP. Paired with X2 sticks, two j-hooks versa straps and a quick draw bow hanger, (everything is) just 15 pounds. (You) can’t beat that. Super comfortable with the best seat pad I’ve ever sat on. Best mobile setup I’ve found, hands down.”


2. Retrograde

Similar to but smaller than the Cold World, the Retrograde is a microlight hybrid platform designed for long tours. At 6.1 pounds, it boasts many of the features familiar from the Cold World including:

  • a modular design that allows for use as a traditional hang-on or saddle platform,
  • integrated stick attachment points,
  • a chamfered tooth profile to reduce your impact on the tree,
  • a comfortable, fully leveling seat and platform,
  • and ASTM-tested cam straps with DWR waterproofing and UV treatment for improved weather resistance.


3. Invader



The Invader is the ultimate saddle platform. Its 12-by-12-inch platform provides plenty of space, and the wide tooth profile makes it extremely stable when installed properly. It fits in most packs and has integrated aider attachment points. Plus, it:

  • is incredibly light, coming in at 2.9 pounds,
  • has a durable, abrasion-resistant anodized and powder-coat finish,
  • and provides great traction in all weather conditions.

Hunter Matthew Lackas said, “This platform is truly amazing; the grip is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in the hunting industry. Once you have it set properly on the tree it is rock solid. I’ve owned two platforms from well-known saddle companies and so far, this one blows them out of the water. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and for the price you can’t beat the quality this platform provides.”


4. X2 4-Pack

These light and durable climbing sticks are easy to connect, carry and climb with — and may just become your favorite way to ascend a tree. A few notable features include:

  • a slide-lock system that allows the sticks to connect together side to side or stacked,
  • 10 inches of standing room per step to ensure comfort and confidence when climbing,
  • and a sand-embedded powder coat that increases traction in all weather conditions.

Reviewers frequently give these sticks five stars. One user commented, “Hands down best stick on the market right now for money. (I love) the grip combined with the lightweight and all the options for transport and aiders. You just can’t beat these sticks!”


5. Gamma TS



Listed as an ingenious add-on to all XOP hunting systems, the Gamma pack is an ideal transport system that evenly distributes stand and gear weight across your back, while seamlessly binding to your body as you walk. The frame pack also:

  • adjusts to fits torsos ranging from 17 to 21 inches,
  • is made of durable, abrasion-resistant materials,
  • and is compatible with all XOP treestands, saddle platforms and sticks.



In celebration of the season that ignites our passion for bowhunting and the outdoors, Bowhunters United has teamed up with XOP Outdoors for an epic giveaway to kick-start the season. One lucky winner will win:

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Bowhunters United would like to thank its partner XOP Outdoors for its support and continued commitment to product quality and design. Click here to see a list of other supportive BU partners and endorsers.





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