The Best Bowhunting Podcasts, as Recommended by BU Members

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedLifestyle   June 6, 2023

Thanks to the close-range nature of bowhunting, bowhunters have the opportunity to hear unique sounds, like a whitetail pulverizing an acorn with its molars or a gobbler trying to win over a hen with its spit and drum mating dance.

If you’ve heard these sounds, you’re likely doing something right, but there’s always room for improvement. So, treat your ears to the tips, advice, stories and strategies in a hunting-themed podcast. You’ve likely heard of top podcasts like Wired to Hunt, The Hunting Public and Hunt Talk Radio, but if you’re looking for something else to add to your playlist, check out these highly ranked podcasts that were specifically recommended by members of Bowhunters United.

1. The Outdoor Drive


This podcast has almost a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts. Photo Credit: Outdoor Drive


The Outdoor Drive has over 200 episodes, each offering a unique perspective on hunting, fishing, foraging and many other outdoor activities because it’s focused on the influence these activities have on the human experience. The content is laid-back and ideal for your outdoor drive. Listener Erik Smith said, “This podcast is so relatable and enjoyable I can’t quit listening.” Others said, “It’s the best out there,” and “Follow along; you won’t regret it.” The podcast has a 4.9 rating on Apple Podcasts.

2. The Working Class Bowhunter


This podcast has over 700 episodes. Photo Credit: The Working Class Bowhunter


The Working Class Bowhunter started in early 2015. It has 731 available episodes and touts itself as “unscripted, real and relatable.” The hosts strive to share stories and advice, and interview knowledgeable hunters so listeners can learn and laugh about whitetails and other game species. Episodes vary in length from about 45 minutes to two hours. The Working Class Bowhunter Facebook page has over 21,000 followers who regularly like and share each episode.

3. RadCast Outdoors


This podcast has a new episode every week. Photo Credit: RadCast


The RadCast Outdoors Podcast is dedicated to providing outdoor content, recruiting the next generation of hunters and anglers, and helping to expand the knowledge of people who participate in those activities. The hosts, David Merrill and Patrick Edwards, are outdoor enthusiasts who gear the episodes toward families that want clean hunting, fishing and outdoors-related content. They’re based in Wyoming and have published 121 episodes to date. Each episode is just over an hour long on average. The RadCast team posts content weekly, and they have dozens of five-star reviews across multiple platforms.

4. East Meets West Hunt


This podcast talk about the sense of adventure when bowhunting. Photo Credit: East Meets West Hunt


The East Meets West Hunt podcast with Beau Martonik is for hunters who love planning and preparing for the hunt. The show currently has 302 episodes. Each one is focused on the sense of adventure over “just the kill.” The hosts talk to successful hunters from all over to provide the East Meets West community with helpful knowledge and motivation to continue living their lives through a series of adventures. The show has a 4.9 rating from 582 listeners on Apple Podcasts. One said, “Loads of information from some of the best in their field across the country! A little something for all types of hunters. This podcast not only is a joy to listen to, but the tactics they discuss actually work.”

5. Your State-Specific Bowhunting Association Podcast

Many states have bowhunting associations that educate residents on regulations, legislative issues and hunting opportunities within the state. Several state associations have podcasts to share their state-specific news, stories, records and tips. Two associations, including the Nebraska Bowhunters Association and the Colorado Bowhunters Association, made the “Top 30 Bowhunting Podcasts” list by FeedSpot. Check to see if your state bowhunting association has a podcast to get relevant and local news, hunting strategies and information from your peers and state representatives.

Listen Now

Subscribe to each podcast and search the playlist to save episodes to listen to as you travel to your hunting spots. Each podcast is available on most podcast-hosting sites. We hope the information you gather helps you become a more successful bowhunter, and maybe hear a few more of those unique sounds in the woods along the way.




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