An in-person shopping experience for archery gear trumps buying online any day. Photo Credit: ATA

Visit an Archery Pro Shop to Feel at Home, Get Exactly What You Need

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedGear   March 9, 2023

When Keith Neeley’s 13-year-old daughter, Khloe, told him she wanted to try archery and bowhunting, Keith went online and bought a crossbow without hesitation. Since then, he learned the value of a quality pro shop with experts who can help.

“My daughter showed lots of interest (in archery) last summer, and I love spending time with her, so I was all in,” said Keith, of Pegram, Tennessee. “To start, I found a good crossbow deal online but after finding Dickson Sportsman Store, I’ll go there in a heartbeat. We love it there.”


Talking to someone in-person will be helpful when you need to set up your bow. Photo Credit: ATA


Most archery pro shops employ skilled experts, stock many products, let customers test equipment, hold classes and lessons, and have staff who can offer advice and recommendations.

Aaron Rice, archery manager at Dickson, said the shop is known in the community as a full-service pro shop focused on hunting. It has a good reputation for lots of inventory and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Keith says the store’s product selection is large and the prices are reasonable, especially for a smaller business. He feels comfortable shopping and asking questions at Dickson because the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Those attributes make all the difference for new-to-the-sport participants like the Neeleys, who wanted guidance and support after buying online.


Shopping in person will also allow you to see different options side-by-side. Photo credit: Dickson Sportsman Store


Many customers shop online for convenience but end up wasting time and money buying the wrong thing based on vague descriptions and customer reviews from strangers. Working with a professional ensures you’ll get exactly what you need the first time. Plus, shopping locally helps support your community businesses. Rice agrees and says pro shops can provide a well-rounded customer experience.


Supporting local businesses will help support the community and you can often find great sales. Photo Credit: Dickson Sportsman Store


“I’m hesitant to buy stuff online because you never know what you’ll get,” Rice said. “We’ve all been there with the wrong size or wrong color product. When you shop in a pro shop, you get to put your hands on the product and ask whoever is there their opinion. That’s quite a bit better, more reassuring.”

Staff at Dickson helped Keith and Khloe get accessories and complete their crossbow setup. They also shared hunting tips and advice through in-store conversations. “We try to keep things personable and provide the best experience,” Rice said.

After practicing, scouting and learning to identify a deer’s vital areas, Khloe and Keith got access to 20 acres behind their house and started hunting. In late November, Khloe made a perfect shot on a doe standing about 25 to 30 yards away. She was elated. They took the head to a local taxidermist and cherish the memory they created while bowhunting.

Now, Khloe is eager to try a compound bow, so Keith started looking at a few options. When the time is right, he’ll head back to Dickson with Khloe to buy and set up a new bow because the shop feels like home. He recommends all bowhunters and Bowhunters United members visit their local archery pro shop for quality assistance and service.

If you’re looking for a new bow or other archery accessories, find a reputable archery pro shop near you using the Bowhunters United store locator.




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