Summer is the perfect time to take your bow in for its annual maintenance checkup. Photo Credit: ATA

It’s Time for a Bow Checkup

  Jackie Holbrook   FeaturedGear   June 21, 2022

When your bow is grouping arrows, any tinkering can be nerve-wracking. But even if your bow seems to be performing at its best, there could be unseen issues developing that you don’t know about. That’s why it’s important for bowhunters to always take their bow in for an annual tuneup. Summer is a great time to get your bow inspected by a technician, since spring turkey and bear seasons are over, but you have plenty of time before fall hunting seasons begin. By getting your bow to a bow technician now, you’ll save yourself the last-minute hassle and be prepared for bow season.


Annual Tuneup

Even if your arrows are grouping fine, you should still take your bow in for a tune-up to make sure nothing is wrong. Photo Credit: ATA


Most hunting bows take a beating. Even the most cautious and well-intentioned bowhunter causes wear and tear. Bows bump into branches as they’re pulled into treestands and bounce around in cases in trucks while you’re driving down back roads. Even with all the care in the world, bows can be thrown out of tune.

Even shooting causes problems. The vibrations from releasing an arrow can cause parts to get loose or things to get knocked out of alignment. During an annual tuneup, a bow technician will ensure that everything is in working order. This is also an important safety check, as it ensures that nothing will vibrate loose and cause damage to the bow or archer.


New Bowstring


Bowstrings, like tires, don’t last forever. The more wear and tear they undergo, the sooner they’ll need to be replaced. Your bow’s draw weight, maintenance and storage conditions also factor into the longevity of bowstrings.

A bowstring should last about three years if it’s properly maintained and stored. If you see any fraying or broken strands, replace the bowstring immediately. The best part about replacing a bowstring is that you get to choose custom colors.


Young Archers

Young archers’ draw length and draw weight will change as they grow, tuning the bow will help adjust for that. Photo Credit: ATA


Parents understand that raising a kid means sizing up ridiculously often. You might be able to get away with high water pants, but you don’t want to use a bow that’s too small. Young archers who experience growth spurts will outgrow their archery equipment. Using a bow that’s too small can cause poor shooting. It’s important for both good shooting form and safety to have equipment that fits. However, the good news is that most bow manufacturers understand that parents don’t want to buy a new bow every few months, and so most youth models are easily adjustable and fit a wide range of sizes. If you have questions about fit, visit an archery shop.

Once your bow is properly tuned, you can make sure it’s sighted in. Then it’s time to start practicing for the season. By getting your bow tuned up months before the season opens, you’ll be ready for opening day.





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