In this month’s collaboration with The Hunting Public, Aaron Warbritton walks us through the different types of turkey calls and gives his tips for how and when to use them correctly. Photo Credit: BU / The Hunting Public

Turkey Calling Tips with The Hunting Public

  Staff Writer   FeaturedBowhuntingVideo   April 18, 2022

In our most recent video with The Hunting Public, Aaron Warbritton demonstrates different turkey vocalizations and provides tips on how to correctly use calls during a turkey hunt.

Turkey calls vary and can produce a wide array of sounds. Turkey hunters should want to mimic the variety of sounds they hear while staking out in the woods. Spending time and energy on finding the best products on the market, isn’t nearly as important as learning how to master the basics.

The first important call to master is the yelp. The plain yelp of a hen should be the first thing every turkey hunter can mimic perfectly. You want to sound as realistic as possible. The biggest mistake hunters make is using a standard call repeatedly. The hens change up their tone and you should too. You should focus on mimicking their rhythm and pitch changes.

The second important call to master is cutting. Cutting and yelping are common calls that turkeys use. Whether you are using a mouth call or a friction call, you should use a cutting call and try to sound more aggressive. Turkey hunters should want that sound to travel as far as possible, potentially as far as 600-800 yards.

The third most important call to master is the cluck and purr. This call is often quieter and is used to reassure turkeys as they get closer to your position. Purring is a soft rolling call that turkeys make when they are content. Mastering this call could help you be successful when the turkeys are 10-15 yards away.

Ultimately, you want to master a variety of calls so that you are versatile enough to get the attention of turkeys in any situation.

Watch the video above to learn more from The Hunting Public!




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