The Hunting Public shares some of their rut hunting tactics. Photo Credit: ATA

Tips for Hunting the November Rut Season with The Hunting Public

  Staff Writer   FeaturedBowhuntingVideo   November 19, 2021

In this video, The Hunting Public shares some tips on hunting the rut and explain how it differs from early season hunting. Once November hits, it is all about does and breeding.

About 100 yards from a spot that transitioned from oak to thicker cover, which is indicative of bedding areas, they found rubs and scrapes that are only a month or two old. Though these signs were useful earlier in the season, when the deer herd’s main source of nutrition was acorns, they’re not as important now. In November, bucks are more concerned about seeking out does, so hunting over signs from earlier in the season won’t produce results. To hunt deer in November, you need to:

  • follow the does
  • find fresh sign
  • be open to hunting unusual spots

The best way to approach the rut is to find and hunt the does, even if it’s in an unexpected area or one you wouldn’t usually hunt, because bucks will be right nearby. Watch the video and take advantage of their rut hunting tips to help fill your tags.



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