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Join Bowhunters United to Help Bowhunting’s Future

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedConservation   October 6, 2020

Bowhunters are unique individuals who are hardy, hearty and full of vigor. They scout hard and practice often to ensure they harvest their quarry ethically and respectfully. They’re also proud of their heritage and traditions, which are passed down from previous generations.

The bowhunting community is strong, passionate and tightly knit. It’s also about to become much stronger and more visible thanks to a new conservation organization called Bowhunters United.

About Bowhunters United

Bowhunters United is a national bowhunting organization striving to build a strong future for current and potential bowhunters. Photo Credit: ATA

BU is a national bowhunting organization striving to build a strong future for current and potential bowhunters. BU also helps bowhunters share their passion with each other, and encourages members to become mentors, informed conservationists, better bowhunting advocates, and responsible public-land stewards.

BU strengthens the bowhunting community by …

  • recruiting new bowhunters;
  • making bowhunting mainstream in society;
  • donating archery equipment to shooting programs;
  • educating nonhunters about bowhunting’s role in conservation;
  • training its leaders to safely teach archery to newcomers;
  • creating mentoring programs that support and encourage beginning bowhunters;
  • providing funds and grants to help individuals, businesses and outdoor groups build archery ranges and programs that attract bowhunters;
  • addressing hot-topic legislative issues that affect bowhunting. That includes hunting regulations, wildlife-disease research, public-access issues, federal excise-tax policies, and R3 (recruitment, retention and reactivation) efforts to ensure everyone bowhunts safely.

Join Bowhunters United

Visit the Bowhunters United website to join today. Photo Credit: ATA

To show your dedication to bowhunting and make a difference in its community, join BU for $25. Your contribution will help BU advocate for the sport, conserve public lands, and build the next generation of bowhunters through training, education and other programs.

As a BU member, you’ll receive a window decal, vinyl sticker, membership gift, and membership card. You’ll also get access to tools and knowledge to become a better bowhunter, mentor, conservationist, and natural-resources stewards. BU members also receive a free subscription to hunting magazines, and discounts on popular hunting and mapping apps for tablets and smartphones.

Joining BU is easy, and helps secure bowhunting’s long-standing traditions, and makes bowhunting accessible and enjoyable for all.

Join the Bowhunters United team in five simple steps:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click “Join Now.”

Step 3: Create an account.

Step 4: Enter your information.

Step 5: Pay and checkout.

Once you join, you’ll receive a confirmation email from and a welcome packet by mail.

One of the First Members

Enjoy your member benefits and Bowhunters United merchandise. Photo credit: ATA

Ben Summers, a dedicated bowhunter from Virginia and vice president of T.R.U. Ball/AXCEL Archery, wanted to be the first BU member when hearing about the organization. That’s why he joined immediately.

“BU has an incredible potential for good,” Summers said. “Any group that teaches our kids and friends how to be more dedicated hunters and a part of nature is a blessing to society and our communities.”

Summers said he knows other conservation organizations do amazing things for wildlife and wild places. Still, he sees the need for a group to teach and promote bowhunting, and stand up for the rights of archers.

Summers started bowhunting in 6th grade, and has enjoyed it for 32 years. He got his son involved, and recently watched him arrow a doe during Virginia’s youth bowhunting weekend. He felt proud, and almost broke down when his son acknowledged the deer’s sacrifice, and thanked God for the food and hunting opportunity.

“That’s what I think the mission of BU is all about: teaching people how to be ethical bowhunters, and fighting for their rights to bowhunt,” Summers said.

He encourages all bowhunters to become BU members.

“America is home to about 4 million bowhunters, and even more who support what we stand for,” Summers said. “Alone, we are few and have little power, but together we are a strong force for good. As a BU member, you have a voice. You’ll be part of the force that ensures bowhunting for generations. You can sit on the sidelines or be part of the game.”

Share Bowhunters United

Join BU to build a stronger, more unified bowhunting community. Also encourage your friends, family members, and fellow bowhunters to join BU. Invite them to visit and click the “Join Now” button.

Remind your bowhunting friends that supporting conservation organizations like BU benefits wildlife and preserves hunting’s future. Plus, joining this organization connects you to like-minded individuals nationwide.

Please use the Bowhunters United handles and hashtag to help us spread awareness about this new, powerful organization:

Facebook: Bowhunters United

Instagram: @BowhuntersUnited_Official

Hashtag: #bowhuntersunited

Visit for more information about the organization’s goals and mission.

Questions? Contact the Bowhunters United membership office at or (888) 964-0317.

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