How to scout and locate wild turkeys. Photo Credit: ATA

How to Find Turkeys to Hunt

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   March 25, 2020

Before you can call a strutting tom into bow range, you have to find turkeys to hunt. Here are the three steps to finding turkeys.

Step 1: Find a Place to Hunt

To find public land, visit your state wildlife agency’s website to view a list of public land. A great way to vet these parcels is to call the state wildlife biologist and ask them which pieces of public land hold turkeys. You can find the biologist’s information on your state wildlife agency’s website.

Finding a private land that has turkeys can be as easy as asking permission to hunt the field you see turkeys feeding in during your morning commute. Or you can use Apps like OnX or GIS Maps to locate tracts that have the diverse habitat turkeys love. You’ll boost your access odds by networking in your community, and demonstrating that you’re a responsible, respectful bowhunter.

Step 2: Map It

When you’ve found a few properties to hunt, use topographic maps and satellite imagery to find the best turkey habitat. Turkeys prefer diverse habitat with open areas to strut and typically roost in tall trees near water.

Step 3: Wake Up Early

In the weeks leading up to turkey season, the best way to locate turkeys is to wake up early, go to areas where you think turkeys might be, and listen for gobbles. Once you’ve located a roosting site, mark it on your map or GPS. Then set up your blind in a nearby feeding area or come back to the roosting area to try to call in a bird.

The final step is to go hunting, have fun and enjoy spring turkey season!

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