Key lessons that led to success in the 2019 hunting season. Photo Credit: ATA

Lessons Learned this Bow Season

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedBowhuntingVideo   January 15, 2020

Each bow season is an opportunity to learn and become a little better at bowhunting. In this video, Greg Clements discusses what he and The Hunting Public crew learned during the 2019 bow season.

Mobile Hunting

Using lightweight tree saddles instead of heavier treestands allowed the THP crew to go farther, hunt new areas, hunt comfortably, scout while they hunt and hunt fresh sign. These benefits led to learning more about an area and more shot opportunities.

Scouting from the Vehicle

Cover more ground by scouting from your vehicle. Photo Credit: ATA

When they had a hard time finding deer, instead of covering ground by walking, they drove around during peak movement periods to find areas that hold deer.

How to Hunt the Lockdown Phase

The lockdown phase of the rut is when bucks aren’t running around searching for a doe. Instead, they are bedded down with a doe and are much more elusive. The THP crew learned a buck would push a doe away from areas where there are concentrations of deer. The buck wants to keep the doe in a place where it’s harder for other bucks to locate her.

What did you learn this hunting season? Share your lessons with us on the Bowhunting 360 Instagram and Facebook.

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