Give your loved ones gifts of wild game this holiday season. Photo Credit: ATA

Try These Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Meals

  Jackie Holbrook   FeaturedBowhuntingWild Meat   November 12, 2019

Family, friends, festivities and delicious foods fill the holidays with tasty traditions. For millions of people, parts of the holiday season overlap hunting season. Early mornings in the woods and late evenings around the dinner table become annual affairs as families swap hunting stories while sharing a meal.

If you arrive with food made from one of these crowd-pleasing recipes, you’ll be the talk of the table at your family’s next holiday feast.

Eva Shockey’s Elk Jalapeno Poppers

Add this tasty appetizer to your weekend line-up. Photo Credit: Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey is a field-to-fork champion. She not only shares her hunting adventures with millions of social-media followers, she also shares her favorite wild-game recipes. Elk jalapeno poppers are her most requested recipe, and it works for any wild game. Shockey highly recommends it for dove breasts, too.

Taylor Drury Land’s Venison-Stuffed Cheese Breadsticks

Taylor Drury Land comes from a big hunting family whose holiday gatherings wouldn’t be complete without at least one venison dish. In this video, she demonstrates how to make mouthwatering venison-stuffed cheesy breadsticks. The recipe is quick and requires few ingredients, most of which are in your cupboard.

Taylor Drury Land’s Venison Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sliders serve up fun at holiday gatherings. These bite-sized burgers are great for kids, and make a good warmup before dinner. This recipe for venison sloppy joe sliders can also be used as a main dish.

Wild Game Charcuterie Board

Create a charcuterie board out of various wild game. Photo Credit: D’Artagnan

Charcuterie boards are lifesavers if you don’t consider yourself a cook. They’re simple to make, fun to admire, and delicious to eat. You don’t need a recipe, and you can make it up as you go. Include varieties of nuts, meats, fruits and cheeses. Charcuterie plates are a great way to let people sample wild-game sausages and snack meats.

Roasted Venison Tenderloin

This recipe is an eight hour roast that will be well worth the wait. Photo Credit: Traeger

Don’t waste this recipe on anyone you don’t like. Kidding (kind of), but be sure to spoil your favorite friends and family by serving tasty tenderloin. This recipe from Traeger Grills calls for an eight-hour marinade, so give yourself plenty of time to prepare it.

MeatEater’s Wild Turkey

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit with this wild turkey recipe, perfect for the holiday. Photo Credit: MeatEater

Here’s a fun twist on a traditional holiday dish. Why not serve wild turkey for Turkey Day? MeatEater’s Steven Rinella has made a career out of harvesting wild game and sharing mouthwatering recipes. This MeatEater recipe can be used for the breast or a whole roasted turkey.

Sharing wild game at Thanksgiving is a way to share your love of hunting. After one bite, you might just find a new hunting partner.

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