Bowhunting with your favorite person strengthens your relationship, increases your time together, and doubles your chances of shooting deer. Photo Credit: ATA

6 Reasons to Hunt with Your Significant Other

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedBowhunting   February 14, 2019

If you love bowhunting and your significant other, why not introduce your loved one to the lifestyle you cherish. We think it’s a great match.

Not convinced? Perhaps we can change your mind with these six reasons to hunt with your significant other.

They Can Be Your Safety Buddy

Hunting with another person that knows where you’re at at all times is an excellent safety precaution. Photo Credit: ATA

Bowhunting alone can be peaceful, but hunting with someone trustworthy gives you peace of mind. They’ll watch your back and help recognize potential danger. Plus, you won’t be left alone if you get lost or injured. A reliable partner can help you navigate out of the woods or get help if you’re hurt. Even so, bowhunting partners are mostly about peace of mind and time together. Bowhunting is a safe and healthy activity, and injuries are rare.

They Can Keep You Accountable

If you’re not a morning person, hunting’s 4 a.m. wake-ups can be challenging. But if someone’s relying on your presence, waking up seems easier. Why? Because accountability partners help keep each other focused on their goals.

In fact, your likelihood of taking action to achieve goals increases 95 percent when you set accountability appointments with a person you’re committed to, according to research by the Association for Training and Development. If your goal is to get up and go hunting, you’re more likely to follow through if someone holds you accountable. Their support spurs action, even if you’re feeling tired or unmotivated.

They Can Boost Your Success Rates

With the sheer volume of numbers, your odds of success increase when you hunt with a partner. Photo credit: ATA

“Two heads are better than one,” right? Well, two bowhunters are better than one because they can cover more ground and double your time in treestands, which increases your collective chances of seeing and arrowing deer. And if you plan to get down first after a morning hunt, you might push a deer past your partner as you walk to your rendezvous point, further increasing their odds of success. Who doesn’t want more high-protein venison in their freezer?

They Can Lend a Hand

Most bowhunters scout land, plant food plots, hang treestands and process their own meat. Although these tasks aren’t difficult, they take time, especially if you’re flying solo. If your significant other hunts, they can help you perform those tasks more quickly.

They Can Supplement Your Supplies

You and your partner can split carrying supplies evenly between the two of you. Photo Credit: ATA

Did you forget your knife? Did your headlamp batteries die? Did you bring snacks and handwarmers? Reliable partners can supplement each other’s supplies and keep each other in the game. Another person hiking to the same hotspot also lightens your load. For example, they carry the ground blind while you carry both bows or vice versa. 

They Make Things More Fun

Bowhunting is better when you’re in good company. It’s more fun to see wildlife and explore nature with someone by your side. You can laugh, make memories and celebrate your successes together. Most important, you’ll be together more often.

If we’ve convinced you, and you’ve convinced your partner, then head to an archery shop to buy equipment, practice shooting and fine-tune your skills.

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