The Hunting Public shares what they pack for an early season hunt. Photo Credit: ATA

Early Season Gear with The Hunting Public

  Staff Writer   BowhuntingFeaturedVideo   August 25, 2021

Many bowhunters enjoy early season hunting. During the early season, the weather is pleasant and the fall leaves are beginning to showcase their beautiful colors. Hunting pressure is much lower during early season and some hunting areas might even be vacant. Most states have long archery seasons that allow bowhunters to begin bowhunting as soon as September. Take advantage of the early season to help fill your tags. 

In this video, The Hunting Public shares what their must have items are for an early season hunt.  Two of the main items to keep with you are: your hunting license and physical tags. The Hunting Public suggests finding a pack that is lightweight and easy to carry for all your gear. 

Gear Essentials from The Hunting Public:

  • Hunting pack. 
  • Lightweight mesh ghillie suit.
  • Water bladder: Hydrating is important this time of year!
  • Climbing sticks.
  • A tree saddle. 
  • Rangefinder.
  • Milkweed wind indicator. 
  • Binoculars. 
  • Pull up rope.
  • Bug spray. 
  • Snacks. 

Having the right gear for the hunt will make your time more enjoyable and will help you succeed. Visit your local archery shop  to get all your bowhunting essentials! 

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