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  Taylor Walston    January 15, 2023



Whether you’re hunting public or private land, there’s a chance you could encounter other hunters. Here’s how to avoid trouble if you run into competition in the field.

NDA released its 2023 Deer Report, which covers data from the 2021-22 hunting season. Fun Fact:  88% OF U.S. Whitetail harvest occurred on private land. Read the article to find more facts and figures on harvest data.

Tackle these chores now, and you might have to buy a bigger freezer for next fall.


We attended the largest archery industry event of the year. Check out the section in this article announcing some of the new products launched at the Show that will hit the 2023 bowhunting market.

Elevate your game. From preparation to harvest and every moment in between.

Check out our Tips & Tactics driven to make you a stronger and safer bowhunter.


2023 ATA Show – Top 5 Cool Products for Bowhunters  

Dave Thomas with Bowhunter Planet showcases his top five favorite products at #ATA2023. Grab your wish list because you’ll want to add these items to it. Watch the video to find out more about the new products launched this year that are designed to enhance your bowhunting edge.



House Bill 5138 jeopardizes Connecticut hunters’ right to hunt. The bill would prohibit hunting and trapping of animals and revoke the authority of CT’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protect to determine hunting seasons based on science-based wildlife management.

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Hunters and outfitters of Montana relocate “Elk Camp” to the steps of the capital to announce they support the consensus package of bills to reform their hunting rights. Their unwavering support includes notions to alter nonresident and landowner preference licensing, increase penalties for trespassing and hunter harassment, and expand education and Block Management.

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After 48 years of existence, spring black bear hunting was terminated in November 2021 after a 5-4 vote by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission until further notice. Voting for the 2023 season is on the agenda for the commission this month. We support the season because it helps manage population numbers, and reduces human-bear conflicts, commercial timber damage and ungulate predation.

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For local educational opportunities, check with your state agency, archery retail shop and sportsman clubs.



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