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Bowhunters United is America’s premier national organization dedicated exclusively to serving the interests, the needs, and the passion of bowhunters like you.

Amazing Value, Free Gear and More!

“I see BU as another form of conservation. I know that my membership dollars go towards bowhunter retention and growth. And not to mention, it’s a perk that my membership gives me the opportunity to save money on hunting gear and apparel.”

– Mark Tonkin, West Virginia — Member since 2020

Start Enjoying All the Terrific Bowhunters United Membership Benefits

One-Year Membership Includes:

  • Entry into the Bowhunters Bonanza Sweepstakes
  • Exclusive Bowhunters United editions of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine
  • Member exclusive discounts through manufacturer rebates
  • Official Bowhunters United Membership Card
  • Bowhunters United decals
  • Bowhunters United hat


The Perks of BU Membership:

You are a bowhunter.

You are a part of our bowhunting community that is passionate about protecting, defending, and growing the sport you know and love – Bowhunting.

You are heard.

We are your powerful advocate at the state and federal level to protect your rights, fight against anti hunters, expand access to public lands, ensure adequate funding for conservation issues and expand hunting opportunities for all.

You pay less.

Exclusive discounts, rebates, and offerings on the latest gear and technology to hit the bowhunting market.

You are aware.

Monthly e-newsletter news updates on the best tips, most recent trends and latest happenings in the bowhunting community.

You are an insider.

Our industry connections with like-minded organizations provide you with unique resources and opportunities unavailable anywhere else

Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable expense.



Membership Terms

A membership to Bowhunters United allows bowhunting enthusiasts to join a community committed to protecting, defending, and growing the sport of bowhunting. The Bowhunters United membership is an annual (12-month) membership, renewed annually, that gives you access to many exclusive benefits and resources.

For just $30 per year, BU members will receive:

  • Entry into the Bowhunters United Membership Sweepstakes,
  • Exclusive Bowhunters United Editions of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine,
  • An Official Bowhunters United Membership Card,
  • Bowhunters United Decals, and
  • A Member Hat.

Be a part of an organization that is as passionate as you are when it comes to preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting.




 Gift-giving just got easier. Give your bowhunting friends, family, and loved ones the opportunity to become part of a national organization devoted to protecting, preserving, and promoting the sport of bowhunting!


Bowhunters United is the PREMIER
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