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Watch these Great Online Hunting Shows for Free!

  Cassie Gasaway   FeaturedIndustry   December 13, 2018

The internet opens doors to free educational shows about hunting and conservation. When you have some downtime, watch these online shows to improve your knowledge and hone your hunting skills.

“The Hunting Public”

This online video series teaches tips and strategies for hunting public lands. Co-founders Aaron Warbritton, Greg Clements and Zach Ferenbaugh hunt only public lands, and relate to hunters through daily video journals and how-to videos.

Created in 2017, “The Hunting Public” YouTube channel already has nearly 10 million views, and fans are hooked. In “The Hunting Beast” forum, viewers show their support. The CarolinaKid said: “They’re some funny dudes. Their content is super great. [I] have definitely enjoyed/learned from this series.”

Another viewer, Jwilkstn wrote: “[I’ve] been a fan since they first launched THP. It’s easily my favorite page on YouTube. Those guys are crushing it.”

Likewise, RidgeGhost wrote: “Definitely great content and great map scouting information. I’m happy for those guys [for] being able to craft a career out of what we all love to do. I’ve never had that ingenuity.”

You can watch “The Hunting Public” on their YouTube channel or on their website.

“Solo HNTR”

This self-filmed documentary shares Tim Burnett’s extreme hunting adventures. Burnett uses no cameramen or production crew. Many episodes depict Burnett’s solo adventures, including his preparations and strategies. However, select episodes feature other hunters. Burnett and his friends show viewers how to live out of a backpack, plan and execute DIY hunts, and find hunting hotspots on public lands.

“Solo HNTR” episodes are available on YouTube and on their website. You can also watch the show on Amazon Prime Video, where it’s rated 4.1 out of five stars.

One viewer named MC gave the show a 5 and wrote: “Solo HNTR is one of very few real hunting shows out there. It’s fantastic! It’s not as refined as most other TV shows, which is a true testament to its authenticity and refusal to ‘act out’ hunting via a live-action replay or a fictitious dramatization. These guys are the real deal.”

“Midwest Whitetail”

Bill Winke, an accomplished bowhunter and veteran outdoor writer, founded “Midwest Whitetail” in 2008. Winke breaks up the episodes by region, and publishes them right after the hunts, allowing him and over 200 pro-staff members to discuss timely hunting issues. The four regional shows are available on their website and YouTube.

The “Main Show” features Winke, who discusses deer behavior, hunting strategies and weather patterns. The “Main Show” also runs during the offseason to discuss hunting-related topics such as shed hunting, shooting tips and food-plot strategies.

“Ask Winke” is a popular feature on the Midwest Whitetail webpage, where Winke fields and promptly answers fans’ questions. His viewers appreciate his efforts. Dave wrote: “A big thanks to guys like yourself and Dr. Grant Woods for not only being humble and God-fearing, but for having the ‘heart of a teacher.’ You and Dr. Woods are constantly giving advice, and showing other hunters how they can get better. That’s proof by the hundreds of hours you take to answer all questions and comments on ‘Ask Winke.’ Thanks for keeping things in perspective and remembering your roots. God bless!”

Shows by Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg has two popular shows: “Fresh Tracks” and “On Your Own Adventures.” These shows are available on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. Newberg joined YouTube in January 2015. His shows have over 18 million views.

Newberg takes pride in being the voice of  America’s public-land hunters. He has decades of hunting experience, which helped him become a respected advocate for self-guided hunters who hunt only public lands. His shows explain how to push yourself to overcome public-land challenges.

On the “Randy Newberg, Hunter” YouTube channel, skinner1jared wrote: “I love all the content you guys put out. I’ve learned a lot since discovering Randy and all his platforms. He’s helped create another public-land advocate in me. I hope to be chasing elk in the high country myself within the next year or two. That’s something I didn’t think was possible or affordable until I stumbled across Randy’s YouTube one day. Thanks for the motivation you give young guys like me to get out there and do more for wildlife, hunting, fishing and our public lands.”


This online show follows three friends – Casey Lavere, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea – who hunt year-round while creating content to inspire and educate viewers. The Hushin crew has focused on the camaraderie of hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors since the show’s 2011 debut. Many episodes discuss conservation and public-lands issues, as well as hunter-recruitment efforts.

Watch “Hushin” episodes on YouTube or the “Hushin” blog. Their YouTube channel has over 47.5 million views with a dedicated following.

Hushin’ fan Artur Guz is inspired by the show. Photo Credit: Artur Guz

Artur Guz, an avid hunter from Ireland watches Hushin regularly. He wrote: “I found the ‘Hushin’ YouTube channel after searching for hunting videos. [It’s] very positive, full of energy and so real in many ways. I got addicted to it and after few months I jumped into shed hunting and then bowhunting. I bought my first compound bow, which prompted me to watch the show even more. I learned so much about bows and proper terminology. The hosts even helped me find my hobby for shooting 3D archery.” 

Watch for a Small Fee

Watch Meateater for free with an existing Netflix account or purchase the show for a small fee online. Photo Credit:

If you have some pocket change, spend it on “MeatEater.” Hosted by Steven Rinella, a well-known writer and podcast host, the “MeatEater” TV show features adventurous hunts that interweave life lessons, practical knowledge, cooking tutorials and what it means to be a meat-eater. Rinella also informs viewers about wildlife and public-land issues that could affect or preserve hunting for future generations.

“MeatEater” episodes are available for a small fee on their website. You can also watch “MeatEater” for free with a Netflix account.

If watching an online show isn’t your thing, check out these hunting-themed podcasts that let you listen on the go.


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