Overcome your fear of heights and reap the benefits of treestand hunting. Photo Credit: ATA

Get Comfortable with Treestands

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   October 17, 2018

Do you feel uneasy about climbing into a treestand for the first time? Don’t worry. That’s a natural reaction. We have some tips to make you feel more at home on elevated platforms.

Safety First

A full-body treestand harness and lifeline are must-haves every time your feet leave the ground. You can pick up both items at an archery shop, where the staff will also help you fit your safety harness. When climbing, always maintain three points of contact, and slide your lifeline knot above your head as you go. Learn more about treestand safety here.

Practice Run

Take your stand to the woods and practice climbing up and down until you’ve got it nailed. Photo Credit: ATA

Do you remember your first few shots with your bow? They likely felt a little awkward, but eventually felt natural. Setting up and climbing into a treestand is no different. It just takes practice and repetition to get comfortable.

If you’re using a hang-on treestand, practice setting up your stand and climbing sticks or tree steps at ground level or slightly higher. Use all of your safety equipment, even though you’re not risking serious injury while practicing on or near the ground.

You can practice similarly with a climbing treestand. Find a suitable tree, put on your safety gear, and work on going up and down its trunk until mastering the technique. One of the trickier aspects of climbing treestands is learning how to climb quietly. Through repetition, you’ll learn to silently and safely get into position.

Equipment Check

Make sure all your safety equipment is in working order before stepping out. Photo Credit: ATA

Practice runs are also an excellent way to check your gear. Does your safety harness fit correctly? Do you hear any squeaking or other noises as you move around on the stand? Have you worked out a system for carrying your treestand?

Once you feel more confident about hunting from a treestand, you’ll relax and enjoy all that bowhunting offers. Just don’t get complacent about safety, which requires respect and vigilance every moment you’re off the ground. To pick up any needed equipment, visit an archery shop. You can find one nearby here.

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