Don’t let these pests ruin your early-season hunts. Photo Credit: After Bite Insectlopedia

Repelling Ticks and Mosquitoes

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedHow ToVideo   October 3, 2018

Early fall offers pleasant weather and excellent hunting opportunities, but we’re not the only hunters active during warm temperatures. Ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes are on the prowl for easy meals. To prevent becoming prey, use this two-step method.

First, treat your clothing with Permethrin, an odorless chemical that repels ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs. It’s a potent chemical, so spray your clothing outdoors and don’t spray it on your skin. Then let your clothes dry outdoors. Once treated, clothes retain Permethrin for several washings.

Thermacell units or similar bug-repelling devices also drive away black flies and mosquitoes. These devices run off of butane, which heats a repellent mat that lasts about four hours.

A third alternative is a DEET-based bug spray, which is smelly but effective. It’s debatable whether its odor or normal human odors alarm wildlife more, but bowhunters should monitor the wind to avoid getting smelled.

Permethrin, Thermacell units and all your early-season essentials are available from archery shops. You can find a nearby store here.

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