Scout Smarter with Google Earth

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Bowhunting, Featured, Video

Scouting typically means hiking for hours to learn a property or discover what’s new on lands you’ve hunted many times before. Either way, time is precious and you should maximize your hours by scouting thoroughly before stepping outside.

Satellite-based programs like Google Earth give detailed views of nearly every possible property in the United States. If you know what features to study on satellite images, you can pinpoint potential hunting spots from the comfort of your home. After locating promising areas with help from your computer, you should visit them in person to scout for sign and set up trail cameras to help pinpoint potential bowhunting sites. If you find good deer sign and download a memory card full of deer photos, you’ll hunt with more confidence.

This video helps you learn how to read maps and find hunting spots without leaving home.

With all the time you’ll save using this scouting technique, you’ll spend more time sharpening your archery skills and scouting even more properties with your family.

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