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  Erik Barber   BowhuntingFeaturedLifestyle   April 10, 2018

Bowhunters who love immersing themselves in hunting tips, insightful stories and downright hilarious conversations can satisfy those cravings 24-7 wherever they carry their mobile devices.

They can just slip in their ear buds and play their favorite hunting podcasts – digital audio files downloaded to mobile phones and tablets. Podcasts have changed the way bowhunters receive information, and they’ve become increasingly popular the past three to four years. Regardless of the topic, you’ll probably find it covered in great detail by one of the many podcasts now available weekly or biweekly on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and other online platforms.

Most podcast episodes last 90 minutes to two hours, which might seem an eternity in today’s instant-gratification world. Even so, roughly 85 percent of podcast followers listen to the entire show, according to the Edison Research group, which also found the average listener subscribes to six podcasts and listens to five shows weekly.

With so many hunting podcasts available, it can be difficult to pick just one to start following, so we’ve done some homework for you. This list identifies some of today’s most popular podcasts, and explains what makes each unique.


Hosted by Steven Rinella, the “MeatEater” podcast explores a wide, unpredictable range of topics. From overseas hunting adventures to the ethics and history of modern conservation, Rinella seldom shies away from anything. He brings additional perspective to his podcast by interviewing renowned biologists, politicians, writers and hunting guides. The “MeatEater” podcast doesn’t merely discuss trendy, lighthearted topics. Rinella confidently burrows into issues like chronic wasting disease, the impacts of license dollars on conservation, and why the Missouri River is more significant to the country than the Mississippi River. If you’re concerned about issues affecting wildlife and conservation, this podcast is for you.

Wired to Hunt

If you love hunting white-tailed deer, you’ll enjoy the “Wired to Hunt” podcast by Mark Kenyon. He doesn’t claim to be an expert on all things hunting. Instead, he partners with some of the most respected names in deer hunting to provide detailed information about seasonal hunting strategies, shed hunting, food plots and more. Occasionally, Kenyon invites do-it-yourself deer hunters onto his show for their perspectives. It’s always interesting to hear from regular folks who balance a job and family with their hunting passions.

Nock On

John Dudley, a former Olympic archer, hosts the popular “Nock On” TV show and podcast. This podcast features lots of great information about broadheads, bowhunting setups, shot placement and more. Dudley is a top-level coach and technical expert, so if you want to improve your bow-shooting skills, listen up! In addition to technical advice, he also delivers insights on new trends and products in archery.

The Hunting Public

“The Hunting Public” is one of the most interactive podcasts you’ll find on hunting. In addition to being available on iTunes, “The Hunting Public” streams live on Facebook and Instagram to let listeners interact and ask questions. Hosts Aaron Warbritton, Greg Clements and Zach Ferenbaugh are accomplished hunters who hunt exclusively on public land. “The Hunting Public” serves as great supplemental content to the trio’s widely popular YouTube channel.

The Push

“The Push” podcast caters to traditional archery enthusiasts. It covers everything from selecting the right equipment, to executing the perfect shot with traditional gear, to  sharing exciting stories from the field. Whether you’re a longtime traditional archery fanatic or you’re new to the sport and searching for an educational resource, you’ll find it by following “The Push.”

Gritty Bowmen

From Western big game to Midwestern whitetail hunting, the “Gritty Bowmen” podcast covers all things hunting. Brian Call hosts the podcast, and speaks with guests who offer a wide range of hunting expertise and experience. Those diverse backgrounds make the podcast an excellent resource for bowhunters who love hearing tips, tactics, gear reviews and hunting stories.

Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered

Besides in-depth tips on hunting gear and the mysteries of Western big-game draw systems, “Hunt Talk Radio” covers conservation, hunting politics and public-lands issues; as well as appearances by “the best hunters you’ve never heard of.” The podcast’s host, Randy Newberg, is a native Minnesotan who has lived, worked and hunted in Montana most of his adult life. Although he’s an accomplished elk hunter, Newberg also loves hunting grouse, pronghorns and Coues whitetails. He is also hunting’s most outspoken advocate for protecting public lands and ensuring they remain accessible.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of podcasts available, but that’s a wonderful problem to tackle. Regardless of your interests, you’ll likely find a podcast to fit every niche in archery and bowhunting.

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