Make a Turkey Call for Fun Spring Hunting

  Scott Einsmann   FeaturedGearVideo   March 27, 2018

Savvy turkey hunters keep various calls handy for coaxing cautious toms into bow range. You can buy all the calls you need at the archery shop, but for a fun family activity or the simple satisfaction of building your own calls, follow these instructions.

What You Need:

¾-inch PVC coupling

Latex glove

Empty soda bottle or plastic milk jug

Camo duct tape



Super Glue


Cut the bottle or jug lengthwise so you can lay the plastic flat. Then trace the PVC coupling onto the plastic.

Cut out the circle you just traced, and cut it in half to create two half-circles. Apply Super Glue to one of the halves, and attach it to the end of the PVC coupling. Next, cut a rectangle from the latex glove’s palm for the call’s reed.

Put the reed over the end of the call where you glued the half-circle of plastic, leaving a sliver of space between them. Secure the reed with a rubber band. To finish the call, cover the PVC tube with the camo duct tape.

To use the call, place your bottom lip where the reed meets the plastic half-circle, and place your top lip on the call’s upper edge. To make a “putt,” which is a great sound for locating turkeys, let out a poof of air as if you were saying the word “put.” Adjust your lip pressure to change the call’s pitch. With practice, you’ll easily make putts, purrs and yelps.

Finally, be sure to show us your homemade calls on Bowhunting 360’s Facebook page!

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