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Wild Game Food Blogs To Follow.

  Erik Barber   Wild MeatFeatured   January 17, 2018

As hunting seasons come to an end, hopefully your freezer is full of delicious, organic wild-game. Success photos and time spent in camp are great, but eating your harvest is arguably the most rewarding part of the hunt. If you’re seeking inspiration to cook your own wild game masterpiece, the following blogs are great resources to get you started.

Honest Food –

Unsure about the basics? Honest Food has a helpful array of videos about resources for charcuterie, foraging and fish. Photo Credit:

Hank Shaw is the creator of Honest Food and a renowned chef who takes pride in sharing delicious wild game recipes. Grilled backstrap is a staple for any wild game chef, but Shaw doesn’t stop there. Grilled pigeon, smoked duck and venison tamales are just a few recipes found at Honest Food.

Unsure about the basics? Honest Food has a helpful video that shows how to pluck doves and a detailed article about how to cut a flat iron steak. This blog is also a helpful resource for charcuterie, foraging and fish recipes.


South Texas Sop can be a great recipe for a meal including wild boar. Photo Credit:

No list of wild game blogs is complete without mentioning MeatEater, by Steve Rinella. In addition to a popular podcast, MeatEater provides recipes for almost every species imaginable – even coyote!

Rinella’s hunting adventures have spanned across the globe. The unique culture of these places is reflected in many recipes, such as a South Texas Sop for wild boar or a Cajun gumbo to utilize any leftover meat in your deep freeze. If you’re looking for a creative meal or simply want to impress dinner guests, MeatEater has what you’re looking for.

Legendary Whitetails

The cool thing about their website is the interactive format. It allows you to rate recipes and leave a review about how your food turned out. Photo Credit:

Legendary Whitetails breaks recipes down by appetizers, breakfast, marinades, desserts and entrees. In addition to a detailed list of ingredients, each recipe is accompanied with a video that takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing, cooking and serving your meal. The interactive format even allows you to rate recipes and leave a review about how your food turned out.

The Wild Chef

Looking to impress your friends during the game? Check out a quick read on what you can do with your meal choice at fieldandstream’s blog. Photo Credit:

The Wild Chef incorporates written and video content about favorite recipes, tips for tailgate butchering and even product reviews all in one blog. This is a helpful resource whether you want to field dress an elk using the “gutless” method or serve a tasty meal to your friends. In addition to recipes, The Wild Chef is chock-full with 91 pages of cooking tips, food news and hunting stories.

The Wild Fork

You can’t go wrong with a simple grilled backstrap recipe. At TheWildFork, they have all sorts of traditional recipes. Photo Credit:

No matter what kind of wild game is in your freezer, rest assured The Wild Fork has a recipe for it. Whether you’re looking for something creative like whole baked lake trout or venison liver pate, or a traditional grilled backstrap recipe, you can find it all in one place. You can filter through recipes by cooking style and even learn more about wild game butchering techniques.


The amount of resources available to hunters for cooking wild game is overwhelming. Challenge yourself to take advantage of them and try something new. The only thing better than hunting with good company is enjoying a meal together, so thaw your favorite meat, find a new recipe and enjoy!


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