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6 Collector’s Items You Can Find in the Woods

  Taylor Walston   LifestyleFeatured   January 2, 2018

Art can be found in the most unlikely places, if you know where to look and recognize it when you see it. In fact, it’s all around us while we jog, bike and bowhunt.

If you want to personalize your home with unique artwork that connects with your love of bowhunting, we have some ideas for you. Look at this list of everyday items you might find bowhunting, and gather some unlikely art materials the next time you’re hunting deer.


They should be plentiful in the woods, so the next time you’re out hunting, start gathering them to create beautiful art that will remind you of that connection with nature. Photo Credit: The Nest via Pinterest

It’s common to find a feather on the ground during everyday adventures. They pop up like a special treasure meant only for you. Birds seem to fly freely wherever the wind takes them. Therefore, spiritual people see feathers as signs of protection that represent the freedom of birds in flight. They can help create beautiful artwork that reminds you of special connections with nature. You can hang them off a bone in a unique color pattern, or mount them on the wall to combine hunting with art.


Once you’ve gathered some arrow heads, you could frame them, arranging them in whatever formation you heart desires. Photo Credit: liveauctioneers via Pinterest

Native Americans are the original bowhunters, so creating art from an arrowhead you found can honor those who pioneered the art of bowhunting. Once you’ve gathered some arrowheads, arrange and frame them in whatever formation you desire. You could make a sun, a peace sign or an arrow. You could also hang them in your office or living room to remind yourself of their beautiful craftsmanship.


Painting them in accordance with your personal style could show everyone that bowhunting…rocks. Photo Credit: Kingdom Healing Stone via Pinterest

Rocks are plentiful in nature, but they don’t have to be ordinary. To create artwork that lives in harmony with the kids’ school pictures, arrange the rocks into different-sized footprints to represent various family members. Or paint them in accordance with your personal style to show everyone that bowhunting “rocks”!


To have a recollection of how your past hunts have been, collect various types of branches from your hunting paths. Decorating with them can bring a memory of the last time you were in those woods. Photo Credit: Salvagesavvy

Branches create beautiful abstract art because they come in all shapes and sizes. Collect various types of branches during your next hunt, and re-create a tree on your wall. You could arrange them in interwoven patterns, creating rectangular artwork to hang on your wall in place of a portrait. Your friends will see you’ve really “branched out” with your style choices.

Bones and Antlers

You might stumble upon existing animal bones during your hunt, or you could use the antlers of one of the deer you harvest and give the deer’s body yet another purpose besides meat. Photo Credit: John Hafner

Bones make us think of desolate places and give an eerie vibe, but turning them into art gives them new meaning and captures their beauty. You might stumble upon animal bones while hunting, or you could use antlers from a deer you arrowed to give its body yet another purpose beyond meat. You could attach the antlers around a lamp’s base to create hunting-inspired décor; or drill holes in them, install some nails or pegs, and use them to hang jewelry or keys.

Creating artwork from items you find bowhunting brings nature into your home and reminds you of bowhunting’s inherent beauty. Artwork in your home helps indicate who you are, especially pieces made from objects you found while bowhunting. These items show guests your passion, and might inspire similar passions in them, too.

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