Quick and Easy Pre-Hunting Breakfasts

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Featured, Lifestyle

It’s been said that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. We would all love to eat a big breakfast before bowhunting, but it’s not always practical.

If you’re heading out before sunup, you can stay fueled and focused with these quick and easy breakfasts.

Complex Carbs

A complex carb is like a log that burns slow. They provide a steady burn of energy rather than a quick burst, which keeps you fueled all morning. This banana and chia seeds are a great way to achieve that. Photo Credit: onegreenplanet.org

A simple carbohydrate is like a bundle of small sticks: If you throw them on a campfire they quickly burn up. A complex carb is like a slow-burning log. It generates a steady energy burn rather than a quick burst, which fuels you all morning.

Rolled or steel-cut oats make a great complex-carb breakfast. Avoid instant oats. The same process that makes them easy to cook also makes them quick to process in your body. Rolled and steel-cut oats take longer to cook, but they’ll be ready to go in the morning if you follow this overnight recipe.

1/3 cup oats

1/3 cup milk

Fresh berries

Cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Put the oats, milk, sugar and cinnamon in a mason jar. Place it in the refrigerator overnight, and mix in the berries when you’re ready to eat.

Protein Shakes


Protein shakes are the ideal quick breakfast. You throw all your ingredients into a blender, and then you drink your breakfast on your way to the treestand. Protein shakes come in all flavors and ingredient combinations. Here’s one from MTN OPS, a brand specializing in protein powders and supplements for hunters.

1 serving vanilla protein powder

1 cup spinach

½ cup oats

1 handful berries

1 cup milk or water

Blend the ingredients, pour everything into a cup and go hunting!

Snack Now, Eat Later

One key advantage to not indulging in eggs and bacon before you hunt is that you don’t carry the smell of your breakfast into the woods. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Another approach to a bowhunting breakfast is eating a light snack before dawn and then brunch after your hunt.

“I usually put out cereal and toast first thing in the morning,” said Roy Christianson, the cook at Bluff Country Outfitters, a premier deer hunting destination in Wisconsin. “When the hunters get back I make the eggs, bacon and potatoes.”

By not indulging in eggs and bacon before you hunt, you also won’t carry your breakfast’s odors into the woods. Cereal and granola bars don’t make your clothes smell like a diner, and they fight off hunger pangs until you return to camp.

Choose the breakfast that pleases your taste buds and hunting style. Hunt hard, hunt smart and don’t skip breakfast.

What’s your go-to prehunt breakfast? Share your favorite on the Bowhunting 360 Facebook.

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