Rinella and Durkin: Podcasting for Better Bowhunting

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Bowhunting, Featured, Lifestyle

Bowhunters hunt for more than just tasty, nourishing game meat. They also hunt for knowledge, which is available in a plethora of media platforms that help bowhunters find success. Books, magazines, websites, podcasts, online forums and YouTube videos all help transform you from a neophyte to an expert.

Podcasts are a convenient way to improve your bowhunting education. You can turn on a podcast while commuting, making dinner or working out; and hear funny stories or learn about wildlife conservation, hunting politics, and practical hunting information.

The “MeatEater Podcast” is one of hunting’s most popular podcasts, and its host is Steven Rinella, a well-recognized writer, author and TV host. He recently featured Patrick Durkin, a senior staff writer and editor for Archery 360, Bowhunting 360 and the Archery Trade Association. Durkin is also a freelance magazine writer, a syndicated outdoor newspaper columnist in Wisconsin, and an exceptional resource for all things whitetail.

Two MeatEater Podcast episodes recorded in Cazenovia, Wisconsin, featured Durkin. One covered spring turkey hunting (Episode 66, June 1) and the other white-tailed deer (Episode 68, June 15). The spring-turkey episode is excellent for learning about hunting turkeys. Rinella and his guests shared several turkey hunting stories, each with its own lesson on hunting these wily birds.

In Episode 66 of Cazenovia, Wisconsin, Steve Rinella and Patrick Durkin talk turkey history, Rinella’s principle and hunts in the summer solstice, to name a few. Photo Credit: Steven Rinella

From those stories you’ll learn about turkey spurs, how to locate turkeys with a crow call, general turkey-hunting tactics, why a 3-year-old turkey is considered old, and why Durkin has so many deer heads on his walls.

In the second podcast, Rinella and Durkin had in-depth conversation on white-tailed deer. Along with some great humor, they discussed serious topics like deer diseases, coyote impacts on deer numbers, deer-management practices, the best time to hunt deer, and whether selling wild-game meat should be legalized in North America. That’s a lot of in-depth topics from the deer world, but Rinella effectively distills information for his listeners, so anyone can follow along.

“Rinella knows his stuff,” Durkin said. “He knows how to hunt, he knows how to handle and cook game, and he knows how to trap and prepare pelts. Steve’s a well-rounded outdoorsman, and he has fun doing all of it. Bowhunting is a skill. It’s an important connection between us and the wild, and yet it’s fun, too.”

They also discussed common bowhunting questions and hotly debated hunting topics. “Steve knows bowhunters, and the issues and subjects they wonder about,” Durkin said. “We discussed deer color vision, buck-movement patterns during the breeding season, and whether lunar cycles affect deer movement. The things we talked about on the podcast are subjects hunters never stop discussing and debating.”

In Episode 68 of Cazenovia, Wisconsin, Steve Rinella and Patrick Durkin discuss more on coyotes and deer, hunting during Green Bay Packer games, and buck movement during the rut. Listen in to see what else they talk about! Photo Credit: John Hafner

Why learn about conservation and wildlife biology? The more you learn about a deer’s habitat needs and their biology, the better you’ll be at finding the best areas to hunt and when to hunt them. “If you want to be a good hunter, you have to understand the environments where different animals live,” Durkin said. “That’s one thing we spent a lot of time discussing in that podcast: the importance of habitat in dictating deer numbers and deer health.”

Knowledge is a powerful tool for bowhunters, and sources like the “MeatEater Podcast” are an excellent way to learn valuable information to get started in bowhunting. Keep reading on Bowhunting 360 and listening to podcasts. You’ll be an expert bowhunter in no time.

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