How Do You “Catch” Deer? Find Out How!

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Featured, Lifestyle

Bowhunting is a fun, relaxing, rewarding experience that’s also a lifestyle. It’s all about getting close to nature and bringing people together. Likewise, Catchin’ Deers is a hunting lifestyle clothing brand that celebrates the sport’s many qualities in hats, shirts and videos.

“First and foremost, hunting is a fantastic leisure activity,” said Bud Fisher of Catchin’ Deers. “You just need to go out and have a good time. Let deer hunting be your own experience, enjoy the outdoors, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Fisher and his hunting buddies take hunting and wildlife management seriously. But they don’t take themselves too seriously. Instead, they focus on having a fun experience while hunting. Fisher does most of his hunting in Kentucky on land set up as a social and hunting destination.

“When we go to hunting camp in Kentucky, the entire time we just laugh and crack jokes,” Fisher said. “Nothing is sacred in deer camp, so we’ll just make fun of each other and have a good time.”

The joke about “catching” deer happened to stick. Who would have thought it could become as popular as it has! Photo Credit: Catchin’ Deers via Facebook

The Catchin’ Deers lifestyle brand started from those hunting-camp experiences. “We invited some guys up to our hunting camp who were familiar with hunting, but not serious hunters,” Fisher said. “They came cruising through the door and said, ‘Did you catch anything?’ We had a pretty good chuckle out of it, and it became an inside joke that we didn’t let go.”

The question, “Did you catch anything?” is funny because bowhunters don’t use the word “catch” when discussing deer or other quarry. You catch fish, not deer. Deer are shot, killed, arrowed or even “harvested,” but never caught. The Catchin’ Deers crew had so much fun with that infamous question that they made a hilarious video which has 3.9 million views on Facebook.

The inside joke took on a new life when Fisher had several Catchin’ Deers trucker hats made, and brought them to camp the next year. They were an instant hit with his friends and other hunters who saw them. “We had people stopping us everywhere, asking where they could get one,” Fisher said. “Almost every hunter we met has been asked that question.”

Hunters obviously get the joke, and like bringing this fun gear back to deer camp. After all, an important, often-underrated hunting skill is having the grace to admit mistakes and missteps. Who hasn’t forgotten their bow at home, laced up the wrong boots, grabbed the wrong arrows, or gotten stuck in a treestand?

“One of our friends got stuck in a tree,” Fisher said. “He panicked and ‘froze’ while climbing out of a treestand. We had to give him a pep talk to get him to climb out of the tree. When we got back to deer camp and told the story, we literally had tears rolling down our faces.”

Remember: don’t take yourself too seriously and laugh it off. Learn from your mistakes and take advantage of your nearby archery store! Photo Credit: Catchin’ Deers via Facebook

While learning to hunt, accept the fact you’ll make mistakes. Just don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh it off. Learn from your mistakes and take advantage of nearby resources like an archery store, whose experts will answer all your bowhunting questions. As a bowhunter, you’re part of a larger “deer camp,” and everyone in it has been where you are now.

“All hunters are part of a community because we’re all contributing to conservation, having a good time, and enjoying nature,” Fisher said.

In fact, you’ll seldom be bored while bowhunting and hanging out with other bowhunters. If you want to have fun and spend more time outdoors, pick up a bow and give it a try. And while you’re in nature, breathe the fresh air and never forget to laugh.

Even if you don’t catch a deer, you’ll still have many fun, exciting experiences.

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