Five Crazy Animal Videos You Have to See to Believe

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Featured, Lifestyle

Animals do the darnedest things, and we have proof. These five videos show animals getting wild. Just don’t watch them while bowhunting because you’ll gasp or laugh out loud.

Deer in Gym

Deer often do crazy things during their breeding season, with bucks frequently fighting to establish dominance and breeding rights with does. But this buck seemingly tried to squeeze in some extra training to bulk up and impress the ladies. His workout didn’t last long, but he got in some good cardio work … and so did the people he interrupted.

Musical Bears

Move over Beethoven. The new musical sensation is “Beartoven,” the piano-playing bear. Bears are curious animals that sometimes break into cabins and houses to look for food, but this bear just wanted to play the piano.

It’s Raining Fish

Asian carp are an invasive species that fly out of the water when disturbed by a boat engine. This makes for some fun bowfishing, but it also means you’ll eventually take a fish to the face, as these bowfishermen found out.

Elk Goes Shopping

Estes Park, Colorado, often has elk and deer roaming its streets. That might seem like a fun experience, but elk don’t always stay outdoors. See what happened when the elk in this video checked out one of Estes Park’s gift shops.

Pool-Hopping Bears

When you think about bears in water, you probably picture grizzlies wading in Alaskan rivers to catch salmon. These suburban black bears are far removed from their grizzly cousins, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a refreshing dip. This sow and her cubs turned one family’s pool into their personal amusement park.

Buffalo on a Trampoline

This buffalo exceeds the trampoline weight limit by a few pounds, but that doesn’t stop it from having a great time. It absolutely destroys the trampoline. Still, judging by the family’s laughter, they don’t seem to mind.

After watching these videos, at least one thing is clear: Animals don’t just spend their lives feeding peacefully in woods and meadows. They can get into trouble in town and in the woods. If you love watching animals do truly wild things, give bowhunting a try. You’ll see animals do stuff most people will never see, and experience nature in ways you never imagined.

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