Stealth on Two Wheels: Bike to Your Favorite Hunting Spot!

by | May 24, 2017 | Featured, Gear, Lifestyle

What if you could combine mountain-biking fun with your bowhunting?

Imagine zipping down trails to your favorite hunting spots in record time. You can have fun just getting to your hunting spot? Now that’s a win-win! Or instead of riding your bike to the farmers market, you could ride your bike into the woods and ride out with organically grown, free-range protein.

More bowhunters than ever are riding mountain bikes to get around their favorite hunting grounds. Mountain bikes provide many advantages over walking or driving motorized vehicles, and bowhunters are cashing in.

Biking through the woods helps hunters leave minimal scent behind, and results in spooking less game, covering more ground and staying fit. Photo Credit: Rambo Bikes

Mountain bikes help hunters get places no vehicle can go, and do so quietly. They’re also a great alternative to ATVs because they’re quiet, easy to transport, go places ATVs aren’t allowed, and provide great exercise as a bonus. You can also take quiet pride in using an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Further, you leave less scent on the forest floor to spook game because your feet rarely touch the ground. Even when scouting in summer, you’ll leave less scent and cover more ground, all while staying fit.

With all these hunting benefits, more manufacturers are building mountain bikes specifically for hunters. The bikes come in camouflage, and feature hunting accessories like bow racks and deer carts. While riding one of these hunting mountain bikes, your bow rides securely in place until you reach your destination, thanks to an integrated bow rack. Even if you already own a mountain bike, you can buy a bow rack separately.

While riding a hunting mountain bike, a bowhunter’s bow rides securely in place until they reach their destination, thanks to an integrated bow rack. Photo Credit: Rambo Bikes

One mountain-bike manufacturer is Rambo Bikes, which specializes in fat-tire bikes with electronic-assist motors. The extra wide fat-tire makes these bikes stable and capable of traversing rugged terrain.

Electronic-assist motors take a standard human-powered bike and add a little boost. The operator can switch on the motor when tired or for help climbing big hills. Electronic-assist bikes are an emerging industry trend, giving hunters a little help on demand. Even if you aren’t an experienced mountain biker, you can benefit from these bikes.

“You don’t have to worry about whether you can climb that big hill or if you have enough stamina to get home with these bikes,” said Kyle Dillon, sales manager at Rambo Bikes. “We just made it easier for people of all ages and fitness levels to get out and hunt with our bikes.”

Rambo Bikes also has a solution for easily retrieving game. It makes a cart that attaches to its bikes. “You can put the deer right on the cart that mounts on the bike rack,” Dillon said. The cart, paired with the electronic-assist motor, makes getting your deer home easier than ever.

Several other bike manufacturers also offer electronic-assist motors and add-on game carts for bowhunting, and even a standard mountain bike can help you achieve a silent approach.  Whether you’re hunting in Ohio fields, Colorado mountains or Southern pines, a mountain bike can get you places faster than on foot. You’ll spend less time walking and more time hunting. And besides, zipping down the trail is just plain fun. Mountain bikes and bowhunting: It’s a match made in hunter heaven.

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