Want to Try Bowhunting? Dude, Perfect!

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Featured, Lifestyle

Imagine making a living by having fun with your best friends. The Dude Perfect crew of Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Coby Cotton and Cory Cotton are five best friends who figured out how to make that dream a reality. They started by making videos of basketball trick shots just for fun. Their fun soon exploded into internet stardom with 15.5 million YouTube channel subscribers, which makes them among the few who make a living creating YouTube videos. Their YouTube channel, “Dude Perfect,” is known for exciting trick-shot videos. Dude Perfect’s archery trick shots include everything from popping balloons at 300 yards to the classic stunt of shooting an apple off a head. They even created a video for Archery 360’s trick-shot competition. Before they became pop-culture sensations and friends with celebrities like Luke Bryan, they were just five best friends from Texas who love the outdoors. They’re also fishermen, duck hunters and serious bowhunters.


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In fact, Jones and Toney recently bowhunted elk in the steep mountains of western Colorado. Colorado has the nation’s largest elk population, and Jones and Toney got up close and personal with some of them during their hunt. But they didn’t take any 300-yard shots, ricochet arrows off trees, or shoot their bows while blindfolded. Jones arrowed his elk at 30 yards, making a double-lung shot for a humane kill. That’s the type of shot placement all bowhunters respect and appreciate. Toney also arrowed a bull elk, and said on Instagram, “Can’t wait to get my shipment of summer sausage, back straps and brats!” Toney’s shipment of elk meat will be big. After all, elk can yield 300 pounds of lean, organic meat.

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The Dude Perfect crew also understands and enjoys the hunting culture. That’s evident in their hilarious video on hunting stereotypes. For instance, everyone knows the guy who must have all the latest gear (We don’t blame him!), and the guy who bathes in cover-up scents before heading into the woods. (Curious about scent’s role in bowhunting? Read this.) The Dude Perfect guys have fun with those stereotypes and many more in their video. Further, thanks to Dude Perfect’s partnership with Bass Pro Shops, we’re sure to see more awesome archery and bowhunting videos on their YouTube channel. Their most recent video featured aerial archery, a 345-yard shot, and shooting arrows from a helicopter. Do you want to bowhunt elk like Dude Perfect? Head to your local archery shop to learn how to get started. Find a nearby archery store here.

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