Bring the Outdoors In With Virtual Hunting!

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Featured, How To, Lifestyle

The weather outside is frightful but virtual hunting is so delightful!

Even when outdoor archery ranges are covered in snow, indoor options at archery pro shops can keep you sharp for hunting season. TechnoHUNT and the DART Target System are interactive hunting simulators that project real wildlife scenes onto a screen. Bowhunters shoot at the screen with special blunt points provided by the shop, and the result of each shot appears on the screen.

These virtual-hunting simulators put you into hunting situations in which you have precious seconds to analyze the shot angle, shot placement and shooting opportunity before releasing. Just like an actual hunt, an animal walks in front of you, and you must decide when and where to shoot it. This practice helps you make quick bowhunting decisions.

virtual hunting

These points are designed to bounce off the screen and display where you hit the animal. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

If you’re new to hunting or are getting ready for your first bow season, bowhunting simulators are absolute musts. Shot placement is the vital factor in making quick, humane harvests. Simulators help you practice shot placement in a controlled environment before heading into the woods. Learn more about proper shot placement here.

Further, bowhunting leagues that use simulators are a great way to socialize and have fun competing with others. New archers shouldn’t feel intimidated about competing against more experienced shooters. Leagues are typically scored with “handicaps,” which means all scores are factored into a curve so everyone competes evenly, no matter their skill or experience.

virtual hunting

Want to feel the thrill of the hunt but don’t know if you’ll like it?  Give virtual reality a try. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Virtual-hunting leagues at archery pro shops also inject fun into an otherwise slow time of year for bowhunters. Flying Arrow in Carmel, New York, runs a virtual-hunting league all winter. One of its customers, Joe Croce, enjoys the experience: “I do it to sharpen up my skill for hunting, and it’s offseason fun. It makes you more comfortable. It gets your muscles in tone, and it prepares you for any scenario.”

To try virtual hunting or to join a league, contact your local archery store for more information. Find one here.

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