Eva Shockey: How to Stay Warm While Bowhunting in the Cold

by | Jan 25, 2014 | Bowhunting, Featured, Gear

Eva Shockey has accomplished much in her 25 years. With inspiration from her heroes, she’s merged her two greatest passions – dancing and hunting – into what she calls a perfect life. Once a professional dance instructor, she now works alongside her dad, Jim, and brother, Branlin, in the family business.

After years of hunting with her dad, Eva Shockey has learned how to defeat extreme cold temperatures.

After years of hunting with her dad, Eva Shockey has learned how to defeat extreme cold temperatures.

As co-host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures,” Eva travels the world. That often means hunting in temperatures 20 or 30 degrees below zero. That extreme cold taught her how to defeat at least one factor that keeps many women from hunting.

“One reason women may not hunt is that none of us enjoy being cold,” Eva said. “When I started hunting with my dad, getting cold was a real concern. If I’m cold, I’m not having a good time. After a couple of years, I realized I needed more layers to stay warm than my dad and some of the guys did. Now I can stay out from before sun-up until after dark no matter the temperature.”

Here are Eva’s seven proven steps for staying warm while hunting:

1. Put on wool long underwear.

2. Add a thick Under Armour base layer. The closer the base layer is to your skin, the warmer you’ll stay.

3. Put on a fleece bottom and a fleece top as an insulating layer.

4. Wear one or two jackets. I often put on one of my dad’s big, warm, well-insulated jackets on top of the fleece layer.

5. Add a waterproof Mossy Oak camo fleece jacket as an outer layer.

6. At your stand, put on a Heater Body Suit. It looks like a sleeping bag with legs, and has a hole for your head and neck. As deer approach, you can unzip the Body Suit, remove your bow from its hanger, clip on your release, draw, aim and shoot. After you’ve arrowed the deer, hang the bow back up, zip up your Body Suit and get warm quickly.

7. Wear toe warmers and use HotHands to stay warm.

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